5 Best Electric Vehicle/EV Stocks to Invest in India

Why is the EV sector in India a good investment opportunity? Want to know? If so, then read the following blog to know about top EV stocks in India for long-term investment. The 5 stocks given below are doing good work in the electric vehicle space: 

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1- Salzer Electronics 

Salzer Electronics Limited, founded in 1985, specializes in providing comprehensive electrical solutions, including switchgears, wires & cables, and energy management services. The company manufactures CAM Operated Rotary switches & Wire Ducts in India through a technical collaboration with Saelzer Schaltgerate Fabrik, GmbH., Germany. Salzer Electronics aims to offer high-quality, customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers in the electrical industry.

2-  Fiem Industries Ltd.

Fiem Industries Ltd, originally incorporated as Rahul Auto Private Limited in 1989, is a prominent player in the automotive industry, particularly in the manufacturing and supply of automotive lighting and signaling equipment, as well as rearview mirrors. The company, founded by Mr. J.K. Jain and based in New Delhi, holds a significant market share for supplying these components to both Two-wheeler and Four-wheeler Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Fiem Industries is dedicated to producing high-quality auto components to meet the demands of the automotive sector.

3- Gensol Engineering Ltd : 

Gensol Engineering  is involved in the business of solar consulting & EPC. It provides the concept of commissioning solar advisory, execution and operation services for solar projects in India and abroad. Expanding its operations, Gensol has also established an EV manufacturing facility in Pune, India, for the development and production of electric three wheelers and four wheelers. Alongside, Gensol offers comprehensive EV leasing solutions and is serving leading ride-hailing players with its buy-and-lease package of EV cars.

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4- Mercury EV-Tech Ltd 

Mercury EV-Tech Ltd. is involved in manufacturing electric vehicles tailored for various applications, including hospitality, industrial use, transportation within golf courses, clubs, and resorts. These electric vehicles cater to diverse needs within these sectors, offering environmentally friendly and efficient mobility solutions.

5- Olectra Greentech Limited

Olectra Greentech Limited, established in 1992 and headquartered in Hyderabad, specializes in the manufacturing of composite polymer insulators and electrical buses. The company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the electrical industry, focusing on environmentally friendly electric buses and advanced insulator technology.

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