A B InfraBuild Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Client

Question 1: What are the products and services of A B Infrabuild Ltd?

A B Infrabuild Ltd offers a wide range of services in the infrastructure sector, focusing on highquality construction and project management. Here are the key products and services they provide:

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Railway Infrastructure: Designing and constructing platforms, station buildings, gauge conversion, and laying of railway tracks. This includes Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) work for dedicated railway lines.

Bridge Construction: The company performs various bridge works including beam bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges, suspension bridges, cablestayed bridges, and truss bridges. They also specialize in constructing Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) and Road Over Bridges (ROBs).

Road Construction: Construction of bituminous and concrete roads, including city roads, highways, and district roads. They are involved in highway contracts and road work contracts with organizations like MCGM, MMRDA, and PWD.

Dam Construction: They undertake contracts for various types of dams such as gravity dams, arch dams, saddle dams, and check dams. Their future projects include bids for PWD and irrigation department contracts in Maharashtra.

Canal Construction: Building canals and reservoirs, involving tasks such as piling dirt, performing earthworks, and setting up friction piles. The company plans to bid for contracts with PWD and state governments in this sector.

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Repair and Maintenance: The company undertakes various repair works and minor road works, especially premonsoon and postmonsoon in Mumbai. They also engage in the renovation and reconstruction of slum areas and other underdeveloped regions.

Ready Mix Concrete: They provide ready mix concrete solutions, contributing to various construction projects with high quality materials.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of A B Infrabuild Ltd?

The promoters of A B Infrabuild Ltd are Amit Bholanath Mishra, Shreeprakash D Singh, Bharat Kumar Parmar, Mukesh Pandey, Udayan Anantrao Chindarkar, Vanita Vinodbhai Bhuva, Archana Rakesh Pandey.

Question 3. Who are the clients of  A B InfrabuildLtd?

A B Infrabuild Ltd clients include Western Railway, Central Railway, North Central Railway, MCGM, MMRDA, Kanakia Group, JP Infra, RNA Corp., and other notable entities.

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