Aaron Industries Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Aaron Industries?

Aaron Industries makes and sells many products in the plastic and chemical industries. They offer a variety of items and services.

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1- Plastic Products

  • Plastic Compounds: Aaron Industries makes different types of plastic compounds for other purposes. These compounds improve the qualities of essential plastics for specific uses.
  • Polyethylene (PE) Compounds: Used in packaging, automotive, and consumer goods for flexibility and durability.
  • Polypropylene (PP) Compounds: These materials are often used in cars, clothes, and everyday items because they are strong and can resist chemicals.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Compounds: These materials are used in buildings, medical tools, and everyday items because they are flexible and strong.
  • Masterbatches: Colorful pigments and additives are mixed and enclosed in a resin. The mixture is heated, cooled, cut into small pieces and added to raw plastic to give it colour during manufacturing.
  • Colour Masterbatches: Provide specific colours to plastic products.
  • Additive Masterbatches: Improve UV resistance, flame retardancy, and antimicrobial properties.

2- Chemical Products

  • Plasticizers: Chemicals are added to plastics to make them more flexible, transparent, strong, and long-lasting. It is essential for creating products like flexible PVC.
  • Stabilizers: Additives help plastics stay strong in different environments by improving their ability to handle heat and light.

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3- Recycling Services

  • Plastic Recycling: Aaron Industries recycles different types of plastics by collecting, processing, and turning them into raw materials for reuse to help the environment by promoting sustainability.
  • Customized Recycling Solutions: The company helps businesses recycle plastic waste by creating custom programs.

4- Custom Manufacturing

  • Custom Compounding: Aaron Industries creates custom plastic compounds for clients by adjusting properties like strength, flexibility, and colour to meet specific application needs.
  • Bespoke Product Development: They work with clients to create custom plastic products. They help with the concept, design, and production to make sure the final product meets all requirements.

5- Technical Support and Consulting

  • Material Selection Assistance: The company helps clients choose suitable materials for their needs to improve performance and save money.
  • Process Optimization: Aaron Industries helps companies improve how they make things by providing advice on how to do it better. They focus on making processes more efficient, reducing waste, and improving the quality of products.
  • Regulatory Compliance Support: Help with understanding and following rules and standards for plastic and chemical products in the industry.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Aaron Industries?

The promoter and promoter groups of Aaron Industries include  Amar Chinubhai Doshi, Karan Amar Doshi, Monish Amar Doshi, Rajiv Chandrakant Shah, Mrs. Falguni Rajiv Shah and Mr. Kushal Mitesh Jariwala,

Amar Chinubhai Doshi is the Promoter, Chairman and Managing Director of Aaron Industries. He completed his Diploma in Man-made fiber fabrics (with in Plant Training) in the year 1984. He has more than 32 of experience in the Sheet Metal Fabrication business. 

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