Abate As Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Abate As Industries ?

Abate As Industries offers top-notch industrial solutions in different sectors. They provide innovative and high-quality products and services.

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1- Industrial Equipment

  • Machinery: Abate As Industries makes industrial machines for manufacturing and heavy-duty work. They produce CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, and other specialized equipment.
  • Tools and Components: They make industrial tools like cutting tools, drill bits, machine parts, and custom components for specific industrial uses.

2- Automation Solutions

  • Robotic Systems: The company offers robots for use in factories and other industries to make work easier and safer. These robots help improve productivity and accuracy.
  • Control Systems: Abate As Industries provides control systems that work with industrial machines to make operations automatic and efficient. This includes PLCs, SCADA systems, and HMI solutions.

3- Materials and Consumables

  • Raw Materials: They provide raw materials like metals, plastics, and composite materials for making things in factories.
  • Consumables: The company sells products needed for industrial work, like lubricants, coolants, adhesives, and abrasives.

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4- Engineering and Design

  • Custom Engineering: Abate As Industries provides custom engineering services to create industrial solutions. They offer mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to meet client needs.
  • Prototyping and Testing: The company tests new designs and products to make sure they are good enough before making a lot of them.

5- Installation and Commissioning

  • Equipment Installation: They install industrial machinery and automation systems to make sure they work well.
  • System Commissioning: Abate As Industries offers commissioning services to make sure new systems and equipment work properly and meet all requirements.

6- Maintenance and Support

  • Preventive Maintenance: The company provides maintenance services to keep industrial equipment running smoothly and avoid unexpected downtime. This includes regular inspections, servicing, and replacing worn-out parts.
  • Repair and Troubleshooting: They fix industrial machinery and systems by providing repair and troubleshooting services promptly.

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7- Training and Consulting

  • Operator Training: Abate As Industries provides training for machine operators and maintenance workers to help them operate and maintain equipment effectively.
  • Consulting Services: The company helps clients improve their industrial processes, work more efficiently, and use new technologies.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Abate As Industries ?

The promoters of Abate As Indust include Samsudeen Arikuzhiyan, Rajesh P, Musallyarakatharakkal Safarulla, Muhemmed Swadique, AL Salama Eye Research Foundation.

Adv Arikuzhiyan Samsudeen is the Promoter and Chairman. He is a Law graduate University of Mysore and also holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Hospitality Administration/Management. He completed his PhD in Business Administration and Management, General in 2020.

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Written By Annu Seepal