ABC Gas International Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of ABC Gas International ?

ABC Gas International Limited trades and distributes gas and related products for industrial, commercial, and domestic use. They offer a variety of products and services for different applications. Here are the products and services provided by ABC Gas International:

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1- Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  • Bulk LPG: ABC Gas International provides large amounts of LPG to businesses for manufacturing and other applications requiring large quantities of gas.
  • Packed LPG: They offer different sizes of LPG cylinders for homes and small businesses. These cylinders are used for cooking, heating, and other energy purposes.

2- Natural Gas

  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): The company provides CNG for vehicles as a cleaner fuel option. They help set up CNG refuelling stations.
  • Piped Natural Gas (PNG): ABC Gas International delivers natural gas to homes, businesses, and factories through pipelines, ensuring a steady supply.

3- Industrial Gases

  • Oxygen: Supply of oxygen gas for medical and industrial purposes, including welding, cutting, and other manufacturing processes.
  • Nitrogen: Provision of nitrogen gas for applications such as food preservation, chemical manufacturing, and electronics production.
  • Argon: Supply of argon gas for use in welding, steelmaking, and electronics.

4- Specialty Gases

  • Calibration Gases: These are precise mixtures of gases used for calibrating analytical instruments and ensuring accuracy in various industrial processes.
  • High-Purity Gases: Gases with high purity levels are required for specialized applications in research, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

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5- Gas Supply and Distribution

  • Logistics and Delivery: ABC Gas International provides fast delivery services for gas products like bulk LPG, CNG, and industrial gases.
  • Pipeline Installation and Maintenance: The company installs and maintains gas pipelines to deliver gas safely and reliably to customers.

6- Engineering and Consultancy

  • Project Management: They offer project management services for setting up gas infrastructure. It includes feasibility studies, planning, execution, and commissioning.
  • Technical Consultancy: Specializing in gas projects, providing technical advice to help use gas better, increase efficiency, and meet safety rules.

7- Equipment Supply and Maintenance

  • Gas Cylinders and Tanks: Supply and maintain gas cylinders, tanks, and other storage solutions for LPG, CNG, and industrial gases.
  • Gas Detection and Safety Systems: They provide and maintain gas detection systems and safety equipment to make sure gases are handled and used safely.

8- Training and Support

  • Safety And Technical Training: The company trains clients and their staff on safely handling and using gases and also provide ongoing technical support to troubleshoot and improve gas-related operations.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of ABC Gas International ?

The promoters of ABC Gas (Int.) include Smt Santosh Shorewala, Rohith Shorewala HUF, Nishu S Shorewala, Satish S Shorewala HUF, Shymalprasad Shorewala HUF, Vidhi Rohith Shorewala, Neelam Shorewala, Rohit S Shorewala, Satish Shorewala, Shyamal Prasad Shorewala, Manish Ashish Goenka, ABC Tube Industries Ltd.

Shyamlal Prasad Shorewala is the Chairman of ABC Gas (Int.).

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Written By Annu Seepal