Abhinav Capital Services Ltd Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Abhinav Capital Services?

Abhinav Capital Services Limited is a financial company in India that offers various products and services to both individual and institutional investors. Here is a summary of what they provide:

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1- Wealth Management

  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS): Abhinav Capital Services offers personalized investment services for wealthy individuals. It includes managing their portfolios based on their goals.
  • Financial Planning: Financial planning services to help clients manage their money, plan for retirement, and reach their financial goals.
  • Investment Advisory: Expert advice on different investment options customized to fit the client's risk tolerance and financial goals.

2- Stock Broking

  • Equity Trading: Services for trading stocks on big stock markets include online and offline platforms for both regular and big investors.
  • Derivatives Trading: Helping trade derivatives like futures and options, offering ways to protect against risks and increase investment opportunities.
  • Research and Analysis: Abhinav Capital gives detailed research reports and market analyses to help clients decide on investments.

3- Mutual Fund Distribution

  • Mutual Fund Advisory: Help clients choose the best mutual funds by considering their risk tolerance, how long they plan to invest, and their financial goals.
  • Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs): Offering SIPs for disciplined and regular investing in mutual funds.

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4- Debt and Fixed Income Products

  • Bonds and Debentures: Access government and corporate bonds for stable and predictable returns.
  • Fixed Deposits: Offering fixed deposit schemes with competitive interest rates and varying tenures to suit different investment needs.

5- Insurance Services

  • Life Insurance: The company offer life insurance policies to protect you and your family financially.
  • Health Insurance: They provide health insurance plans to help with medical costs and keep you financially secure during health emergencies.
  • General Insurance: The company offers different types of insurance, such as car, home, and travel insurance.

6- Loan Services

  • Personal Loans: Providing personal loans for things like education, travel, or emergencies.
  • Business Loans: Offering business loans to support the capital requirements of enterprises, including working capital loans and equipment financing.

7- Corporate Advisory Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Help companies with mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring by giving advice and support.
  • Debt Syndication: Helping businesses find and organize loans from different sources to meet their financial needs.
  • Capital Raising: The company help companies raise money by selling shares or borrowing money, like through IPOs or private placements.

8- Real Estate Advisory

  • Property Investment Advisory: Advice on how to invest in real estate to make more money and spread out your investments.
  • Real Estate Financing: They offer financing for real estate projects, such as homes, stores, and factories.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Abhinav Capital Services?

Chetan Karia is the Chairman of the company.

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Written By Annu Seepal