Adil Quadri Perfumes Secures Investment with Attar Fragrances in Shark Tank India

In the vast landscape of entrepreneurship, stories of triumph often emerge from the most unexpected corners. Adil Quadri's journey from the small town of Bilimora, Gujarat, to the spotlight perfume brand was not easy, It is a testament to determination, and the power of vision. The journey of Adil is not one of overnight success but rather a saga of hard work in the face of adversity. 

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Early Education

Adil had to leave his formal education after 5th standard due to his health issue of Asthma in 2005.  He learned a lot of things and did different courses from 2005 to 2014 to gain knowledge and to decide his path, but nothing attracted him. In 2014 his uncle told him about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), He suggested him to pursue a career in SEO. Adil learnt about it in detail and from there his digital marketing journey started. He did drop shipping and launched D2C websites, as well as other things between 2014 and 2018. He experimented with affiliate marketing as well. However, nothing was satisfying him. 


Entrepreneurial Journey

During the search for the right career, his father's work grabbed his attention. He was working in an Attar shop in Bilimora. Adil got to know about the issues that users of Attar encounter. He found that a lot of people wanted to gift attar but they could not, due to packaging, and it was tough for people to find fragrance again. After knowing all this he decided to start his own Attar perfume brand with the name “Adil Quadri” while concentrating on all the issues. He was driven by a relentless passion for entrepreneurship and an acute sense of business acumen. He started his entrepreneurial journey in the small space of his home's gallery. He had nothing but a deep understanding of his local market.

Despite the naysayers in his hometown, he never gave up on his dream of creating a big brand. He is still working hard to make it true. He says life has taught him many lessons as a teacher. He got three things from his town Bilimora - knowledge of doing business, knowledge of smell, and fighting with every problem like a rock (Dhanda Karne ka gyan, Khushboo ki pechan or har problem se lado jaise ek chattaan). He aspires to be a prominent figure in the perfume industry.

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His brand "Adil Quadri perfumes" offers a range of Attars perfumes. Currently, the Company is processing over 3,000 orders daily. According to him, they are the best sellers on Amazon and Flipkart - having a 3.8-star rating on Amazon with only Indian attar brand. They have processed more than 10 lakh total orders till now. His brand, "Adil Quadri Perfumes," emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering modern fragrances with a nod to tradition, coupled with impeccable packaging and unmatched quality. Around 95% of the brand's customers are men.  In August 2023, Company had 6 crores of sales - 80–90 crores is the yearly revenue run rate. 95% of sales are made online.


Adil Quadri in Shark Tank India

Recently, Adil Quadri was seen in Shark Tank India - propelling his entrepreneurial odyssey to new heights. He asked for Rs. 1 crore for 0.5 % equity in Shark Tank at a valuation of 200 crores. 

The main problem that Sharks discovered in his company was debt. The manufacturing cost was 30% of sales, 40% goes in advertising costs, 14% shipping costs, 20% operating costs. EBITDA stood at 4%.

His Company has a debt of 6 crores. He intends to take out new loans. Sharks were not very interested in investing in his firm after hearing a debt of 6 crores. However, Vinita was the only one to make him an offer. She offered one crore in exchange for 1% equity and 1% royalty up to a recovery of one crore rupees. He accepted Vinita's offer. Adil says he needed experience and that he was learning via his experiments. Vinita argues that since she is betting her money on the individual who has conquered his life's obstacles, it should be easy for him to get beyond the obstacles of the firm.

Quadri's journey serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, underscoring the transformative power of determination, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of one's dreams. From humble beginnings to the glitzy confines of Shark Tank, Adil Quadri's story is a testament to the adage that with persistence and perseverance, anything is possible. He has proved that Nothing can stop you when you want to learn and make it big.

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