AK SpinTex Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of AK SpinTex?

AK SpinTex is a well-known textile company that makes high-quality yarn and fabric. Here is a detailed look at what they offer.

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1- Yarns

Cotton Yarns: AK SpinTex makes good cotton yarns that are soft, strong, and versatile. These yarns are suitable for different textile uses.

Blended Yarns: The company makes yarn by mixing cotton with other fibers, such as polyester, viscose, or acrylic. It improves the yarn's suitability for different textile products.

Specialty Yarns: Specialty yarns like organic, melange, and other specialised types are famous for specific fashion or industrial uses because of their unique textures and appearances.

2- Fabrics

Knitted Fabrics: AK SpinTex makes different stretchy and comfortable fabrics for making clothes, like t-shirts, dresses, and sportswear.

Woven Fabrics: The company makes strong, well-shaped woven fabrics for clothes, home items, and industrial use.

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3- Custom Yarn Production

Tailored Solutions: AK SpinTex provides custom yarn production services, which is important for designers and manufacturers needing special features. Clients can choose the blend, count, and properties they need for their specific uses.

Small Batch Production: The company makes small amounts of unique yarn for clients who need it for test projects or unique collections.

4- Fabric Processing and Finishing

Dyeing: AK SpinTex dyes fabrics in different colors and uses various techniques to meet client needs.

Finishing: The company offers fabric finishing services, such as bleaching, printing, and unique treatments, to improve the texture, look, and quality of fabrics.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of  AK SpinTex ?

The promoters of A K Spintex are Prakash Chand Chhabra and Tilok Chand Chhabra. Prakash Chand Chhabra is the Managing Director of the Company. 

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