Algoquant Fintech Limited Company Profile : Products,Promoters

Algoquant Fintech Limited Company 

Algoquant Fintech Limited (formerly Hindustan Everest Tools Limited) is a technology-driven trading firm and a leader in low-risk arbitrage and high-frequency trading in the Indian capital markets. Our team of highly talented individuals runs sophisticated algorithms at ultra-low latencies, focusing on generating maximum returns through complex algorithms and advanced technology. 

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We specialize in creating personalized investment plans tailored to each client's unique needs, helping them achieve secure and low-risk returns for their future financial security.

Q1. What are the Product and service offerings of the Algoquant Fintech ?

  • Automated Arbitrage: Utilizing a blend of mathematics and technology, we identify and develop secure arbitrage opportunities within the markets, ensuring optimal returns.
  • High Frequency Trading: As a leader in the high-frequency trading domain, we operate on an ultra-low latency engine, safeguarding the confidentiality of alpha strategies through a black-box model.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: The Company provide customized solutions to fulfill our clients' financial needs, including automated trading solutions, systematic trading/investment plans, and delta hedge derivatives trading strategies, tailored to individual requirements.

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Q2. Who are the Promoters of the Algoquant Fintech ?

Mr. Devansh Gupta, the Managing Director and Promoter of the Company, graduated from Delhi University. With 6 years of experience in managing capital market intermediaries, he joined our Company as an additional director and was re-designated as Managing Director on June 30, 2021. His leadership and vision have significantly contributed to the Company's growth, aligning the team with the management's goals.

Mr. Dhruv Gupta, Director and Promoter of the Company, is a graduate and CFA Level 3 Candidate. With 6 years of experience in managing risk, technology, and seed funding for tech-focused startups, he is a dynamic and dedicated leader. His guidance has been crucial in the Company's growth and development.

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