Alphalogic Industries limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Alphalogic Industries limited?

Here's Alphalogic Industries offers a diverse range of products and services catering to various storage and organisation needs

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Mobile Compactor System: A system that makes shelves or racks smaller to save space in warehouses, offices, or storage facilities.

Selective Racking System: A flexible storage system that allows easy access to each pallet or item. It is great for busy warehouses or distribution centres where it is crucial to find and retrieve specific items quickly.

Library Products: We make products for libraries like shelves, carts, furniture, and accessories to help organise the space better.

Double-Deep Pallet Racking: A pallet racking system can store pallets in two deep, doubling storage spaces while still allowing easy access to each pallet. It works well for warehouses that have moderate activity and limited space.

Live Pallet Racking: A storage system with inclined roller tracks for pallets to move by gravity and rotate stock automatically. It is great for storing perishable items or fast-selling products in a small space.

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Slotted Angle Shelving: This cost-effective and easy-to-use shelving is made of slotted angle steel and can be customised for different storage needs in warehouses, workshops, stores, and offices. 

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Alphalogic Industries?

The promotors of Alphalogic Industries Ltd include Vedant Geol, Montubhai Gandhi, Krina Gandhi, Anshu Goel, Rohan Wekhande, Amar Raykantiwar, and Aayushi Khandelwal.

Montu B. Gandhi is the Executive Director and CEO of Alphalogic Industries Limited.  He pursued engineering from MIT. Aayushi Khandelwal is the company secretary.

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