Anand Rayons Ltd Company Profile:Products,Promoters and Clients

Anand Rayons Ltd Company

Anand Rayons is a textile trading company that focuses on trading value-added and diverse types of yarns.

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Q1.What are the Products and Services offerings of the Anand Rayons?

 The key products and services offered by Anand Rayons include:

  • Polyester Filament Yarns: The business trades polyester filament yarns and maintains a strong dealership with Reliance Industries Limited, one of the top producers of polyester yarn in India. These yarns are used extensively in the weaving of shirts, dresses, and sarees, among other textile goods.
  • Nylon Yarns: In order to facilitate the trading of nylon yarns, Anand Rayons has expanded its network of dealerships to include JCT Limited. Elastic tapes, carpets, and other textile applications are made with nylon yarns.
  • The company also deals in value-added yarn goods with specific applications, such as fancy yarns and dope dyed yarns.
  • Yarn Dyeing and Weaving Services: Anand Rayons offers its clients yarn trading as well as yarn dyeing and weaving services.

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Anand Rayons?

Anand Bakshi 

(Founder & Managing Director)

Taking over reigns of business in 1996, the then youngster started at an annual turnover of 12 crores, which reached almost 300 CRORES in March’17. Deemed manufacturing of value added yarns & fabrics, import of yarn & fabric, exports to South American, South African & European markets are his babies. But the yarn business was not enough for him. 

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He had the insight, vision & urge to carry his trade to a separate tangent which would change to axis of working standards. Having inherited the traits of working for social causes, he chose affordable housing as an entry into the real estate arena in 2016 and is currently focussing on a dwelling unit of about 500 houses under affordable housing at Dindoli, Surat. 

He joined the board of PRIME BANK in 2010 & has been an activist in the loan department & administrative committee till May 2015, when he was elected chairman of the bank by the board of directors. He was awarded best youth chairman amongst all co-operative banks in 2016.

Q3.Who are the Clients of the Anand Rayons?

It has a diverse client base comprised of retailers and businesses in requiment of yarn.Its main market is in Surat.

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