Anmol Singh Jaggi: Gensol Promoter's Journey from Risk to Reward

In the world of entrepreneurship, some individuals stand out not just for their business acumen but also for their unwavering commitment to positively impacting the world. Anmol Singh Jaggi is one such entrepreneur, who is a first-generation entrepreneur. He is the Promoter and CEO of successful ventures like Gensol Engineering, Matrix Gas and BluSmart.

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Anmol Jaggi's Family

He has two children—one who is four years old and the other who is ten— they think about green energy, not just because he is their father, but also because the new generation is moving toward clean and green energy sources. 

Anmol Jaggi's Education and Early Days

Anmol's story begins with his roots as a "Fauzi kid" instilled with values of hard work and discipline. His father's advice to "create options" became a guiding principle that shaped Anmol's future. Despite graduating as a petroleum engineer, Anmol's heart was set on entrepreneurship. In 2007, he took the plunge and founded Gensol with a 50 sq ft office. From the years 2007 to 2012, he did the business of carbon credits. Now, Gensol has multiple businesses.

He had always known he wanted to start his own business. He used to imagine business plans in his childhood. However, because his father believed that entrepreneurship was risky, (his father) he did not believe in it. He always advises getting a work offer and showing evidence of his ability to succeed as an entrepreneur. Anmol proved it brilliantly and convinced his father that he would succeed as an entrepreneur. 

During an internship at Reliance Industries in 2005, Anmol gleaned key concepts that defined his entrepreneurial journey – a focus on sustainability and a commitment to making the Earth a better place. Recognising the environmental impact of petroleum, he pivoted towards renewable energy, particularly solar. Gensol evolved into an APC (Advanced Power Controller) company. However, at the start, he navigated the challenges of educating people about solar efficiency. Persisting in his mission, Anmol's resilience finally paid off, leading to increased orders and the eventual listing of Gensol on BSE SME.

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In Dec 2019, Anmol started an electric mobility business Blusmart with 70 cars. He recognised the shift towards green energy in the new generation and set out to make a mark in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. An acquisition in April 2022 provided Blusmart with cutting-edge technology, and within 18 months, they established a fully operational plant with a capacity of 1,250 cars in one shift. Blusmart's fleet includes various vehicles – fleet cars, cargo vehicles, and personal mobility cars. 

He says "I stay focused on running Green cars, good cars and keeping my customers happy". BluSmart’s charging stations are also spread across Delhi NCR. The business has established charging stations at several places in collaboration with other businesses to successfully implement the nation's zero-emission goal.  The Company is running at a great pace, Jaggi revealed that the Company spent less than INR 1 crore on marketing in the year 2022.

Anmol's principles reflect his commitment to holistic success – keeping customers, teams, and balance sheets happy. He emphasises the importance of enjoying what you do and maintaining a happy family life. 

Anmol's ventures continue to thrive in the fast-evolving world of electric mobility. Both Gensol and Blusmart have attracted attention and investments, with Blusmart crossing a significant milestone with an annual revenue run rate of Rs. 400 crore.

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Anmol's principles reflect his commitment to the triple bottom line – people, planet, and prosperity. He always thinks about his customers and the planet. About prosperity, he says “You cannot be large unless you are for profit. If you are not creating wealth for your employees, shareholders, and your team, you cannot become a big enterprise. You can only be large if you are for profit organisation”.

An advocate for women's empowerment, Blusmart, under Anmol’s leadership, took a bold step by actively promoting gender diversity. With 51% of women consumers, they also initiate training programs, licensing, and driving lessons for women, resulting in lots of women drivers contributing to their fleet. BluSmart has not only increased its female consumer base but actively employs women drivers. The company has 37 per cent women drivers. Dispelling stereotypes, Anmol boldly challenges the cliché that "women are not good drivers." According to him, women excel in driving, surpassing expectations in accident prevention and vehicle maintenance. 

He always believes in energy and inclusivity. He says “Mirror your customer” which was suggested by one of his investors. He offers advice to budding business enthusiasts to anticipate mega trends and dive in before the mainstream catches on. He passionately advocates for authenticity, urging entrepreneurs to listen to themselves, listen to their hearts and pursue what brings joy to them. 

Anmol Singh Jaggi
   Anmol Singh Jaggi (PC: X former Twitter)

He is a person who always believes in things a little bit ahead of time. He began to believe in solar energy in 2012, when it was still relatively new, and in electric vehicles in 2019 when many did not believe in them.  He says that if you are not significantly ahead as an entrepreneur, you will lose. Technology peaks attract the attention of all people. Establish yourself as an entrepreneur before others do.

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Anmol Singh Jaggi's story is not just about business success; it is a testament to the power of conviction, risk-taking, and a commitment to sustainable practices. As he expands his fleet intending to reach 10,000 vehicles by 2024, Anmol remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs - proving that with determination and foresight, one can indeed be ahead of the curve and make a lasting impact in the world.

Anmol Singh Jaggi's Net Worth

As per corporate shareholdings filed for December 2023, Anmol Singh Jaggi publicly holds 1 stock with a net worth of over Rs 1,020.8 Cr.


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