Annapurna Swadisht Acquisition Cancelled, Kilburn Engineering Order And Ugro Capital Fund Raise

Annapurna Swadisht Ltd.

Recent Filing: (ACQUISITION CANCELLED) Management of Annapurna Swadisht has decided to call off Business Transfer Agreement entered into in Mar ’24 for acquiring the “Arati” brand mustard oil from R R Proteins and Agro Ltd for an aggregate consideration of INR 28 Cr.

SUMMARY: 2y Operating Profit uptrend | 5h Operating Profit uptrend | PE 40.5x (Sector PE range 30-100) | Fund Raise | Capacity Expansion | Ace investor | Promoter buying | New Products | Consumption

  • MCap of INR 577 Crore (share price = INR 328 / share) (as on 4th Jul ‘24)
  • TTM PE 40.5x (as on 4th Jul ‘24) Retail float = 17.7% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Predominantly exposure to rural economy.

What are the products and services of Annapurna Swadisht?

Incorporated in 2016, Annapurna Swadisht Limited is a manufacturer of snacks and food products, namely Fryums, cakes, candy, namkeen, chips, and Gohona Bori catering to the customers residing in the rural areas of India. Since then, the company has reached 5 lacs+ retailers in 100+ towns and more than 1.5 lacs villages. These villages are spread across eastern India, covering West Bengal Jharkhand, Bihar, North East and Odisha.

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Kilburn Engineering Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Kilburn Engineering has received various orders worth INR 103 Cr since 13th May 2024. Orders include - Rotary Dryers packages for INR 88.3 Cr, Granulator for INR 3.5 Cr, Fluid bed dryer for INR 4.7 Cr, VFBD and spares for INR 6.1 Cr. Company has bagged orders amounting to INR 160 Cr in Q1FY25.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | 7q Operating Profit uptrend | PE 37.3x (Sector PE range 30-60) | Excellent Mar-24 results | Fund raise | Promoter buying | Capital Goods

FUTURE OUTLOOK: Company targeting consolidated revenue of INR 500 Cr, with 52% revenue growth in FY25 with an EBITDA of 20%. Company has a Consolidated Order Book of INR 285 Cr as on 31st March, 2024.

  • MCap of INR 1,888 Crore (share price = INR 451 / share) (as on 4th Jul ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 37.3x (as on 4th Jul ‘24) Retail float = 15.4% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Working capital extensive business.

What are the products and services of Kilburn Engineering?

Company offers comprehensive range of dryers for solid, liquid and gas to cover wide range of industries: chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, refineries power, steel, cement, fertilizer, mining, sewage treatment, food etc. It also manufactures specially designed packages for onshore and offshore applications.

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Ugro Capital Ltd.

Recent filing: (FUND RAISE) Board meeting of Ugro Capital to be held on 6th July ‘24 to consider and approve raising of funds.

SUMMARY: 6y Financing Profit uptrend | 7q Financing Profit uptrend | PE 21.2x (Sector PE range 20-40) | Ace Investor | Fund raise | Institutional entry | Promoter buying | NBFC

  • MCap of INR 2,527 Crore (share price = INR 272 / share) (as on 4th Jul ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 21.2x (as on 4th Jul ‘24) Retail float = 10.3% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: SBI Life Insurance reduced its stake from 1.2% in Dec-23 to less than 1% in Mar-24.

What are the products and services of Kilburn Engineering?

Ugro Capital is a technology focused, small business lending platform. It is focused on addressing capital needs of small businesses operating in select eight sectors by providing customized loan solutions. UGRO mission is 'Solve the Unsolved - the US \$600Bn Small Business Credit Need. It believes that the problem of small businesses can be solved by building deep expertise around core.

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