APM Industries Ltd. Company Profile:Products,Promoters and Clients

APM Industries Ltd Company Description:

APM Industries Ltd. was founded in 1973 and is involved in the production and distribution of sewing thread and spun yarn composed of artificial fibres.

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Q1.What are the Product and Service offerings of the Company?

APMIL produces Double Yarn Auto Coned TFO and Single Autoconed Spliced Yarn. Among its products are: 

a) Blended Spun yarn made of polyester and viscose with counts ranging from 08 to 40. Multi- or single-folded fibre dyed.
b) Single- or multi-folded fiber-dyed yarn made of polyester and acrylic blended spun fibre, with a count range of 18 to 40.
c) Yarns made of 100% polyester coloured in single and multifold fibres with counts ranging from 8 to 40.
d) Single- and multi-folded, fiber-dyed, 100% acrylic yarns with counts ranging from 10 to 40
e) Luxurious 100% Polyester Yarns

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company?

Shri Rajendra Kumar Rajgarhia 


He is the  Chairman & key Promotor of the company.  He  is Commerce graduate having experience in the field of trade and commerce of more than five  decades. He is associated with the Company since inception in different capacities on the Board of Directors.  He is an aggressive delegator & visionary and the force behind the growth of the Company since his induction on the Board.  He is responsible for the Overall Administration, Management & strategic policy making of the Company. Being a Commerce Graduate, first generation entrepreneur & a senior management professional, his distinguished career of over three  decades in textile industry helped APM Industries ltd. reach this stage.

Mr. Hari Ram Sharma

Managing Director

He is a Commerce Graduate by qualification, is the Managing Director of the Company & associated with the Group since 1973   in  various capacities, such  as, General Manager, Vice President, President & Executive Director of the company. Besides being responsible for the production facilities, expansion projects, day to day operations & marketing activities, his primary focus is on smooth operation of the plant, marketing and sales promotion. Take stock of the past, scrutinize our present before charting our agenda for the future vision. Vision is the Key. Without vision there can be no mission, no agenda to road map the future. Vision provides the vital differential between the ordinary & extra ordinary, defining the cutting edge that powers organizations way above & beyond competition.

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Q3.Who are the Clients of the Company?

The company supplies its products to various wholesalers and distributors across India.


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(By Medhansh Bairaria)