Arman Financial Services Company Profile: Products,Promoters and Clients

Arman Financial Services

Arman Financial Services, originally incorporated on November 26, 1992, has evolved into a prominent category A Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC). Listed on the stock exchange, the company's registered office is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Specializing in both fund-based and non-fund-based activities, Arman offers a diverse range of financial services, including term loans, collateral-free credit, thrift and savings, and insurance. 

Acting as an intermediary for banks and financial institutions, Arman aims to extend its financial services to the urban and rural areas of India. With a focus on the two and three-wheeler segments, the company has a substantial client base in Ahmedabad and boasts a database of 20,000 clients with proven creditworthiness.

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Q1. What are the Product and service offerings of the Arman Financial Services?

  1. Microfinance Loans:
  • Small-scale financial assistance targeting low-income individuals for entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.
  • Modest loan amounts, short-term repayment, and flexible options for financial inclusion.
  1. Two-Wheeler Financing:
  • Specialized financing for motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters from popular brands.
  • Flexible repayment, competitive interest rates, and special schemes for repeat customers.
  • Accessible to individuals aged 18-65 years, with repayment periods up to 36 months.
  1. MSME Loans:
  • Tailored loans ranging from 50,000 to 5,00,000 for underserved segments.
  • Unique cash collection at the customer's doorstep for accessibility.
  • Conservative underwriting policy ensures high asset quality and sustainability.
  • Quick processing, doorstep delivery, and collections enhance the customer experience.

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Q2. Who are the Promoters of the Arman Financial Services?

Mr. Aalok Patel: Appointed as Joint Managing Director for 5 years following a resolution at the 27th Annual General Meeting on September 23, 2019, Mr. Patel's background in Accounts & Finance, including a CPA license in the U.S., along with four years at KPMG and experience at John Deere Credit, underscores his financial expertise.

Mr. Jayendrabhai Patel: Founder of the company, Mr. Patel boasts over 28 years of management experience in finance. Educated and experienced in the U.S., he transitioned from a role at Kapps Pharmaceuticals Inc. to focus on finance full-time at Arman, showcasing a strategic vision for the company's growth.

Yash K. Shah: Serving as an Independent Director, Shah, a Chartered Accountant and partner at DBS & Co., specializes in M&A and Valuations. His tenure at KPMG's M&A division and contributions to the field through papers and lectures highlight his expertise.

Q3. Who are the Clients of the Arman Financial Services?

As of FY24

·  Geographical AUM Mix (Consolidated)

  • Microfinance: 8%
  • MSME: 9%
  • 2W & Rural 2W: 12%
  • Total: 29%

·  Number of Branches: 402

·  Number of Employees: ~8 Lakh (800,000)

·  Number of Loan Officers: 3,805

·Active Customers: After successful entry in Bihar and Haryana, the Company is now expanding its footprints in states of Telangana and Jharkhand.

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