Astron Paper Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Astron Paper?

Astron Paper & Board Mill Limited is an Indian company that primarily operates in the paper and packaging industry. Here are the main products and services offered by Astron Paper:

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1- Kraft Paper: Astron Paper produces Kraft paper with a GSM range from 80 to 350 GSM and a Burst Factor (BF) between 16 to 35 BF. This Kraft paper is widely used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes, liners, and paper bags, providing durability and strength for various packaging needs.

2- Fluting Medium Paper: The company offers Fluting Medium Paper, a type of Kraft paper that provides cushioning and shock absorption. It is primarily used for the inner fluted layer of corrugated cardboard, ensuring the structural integrity and protective quality of corrugated packaging.

3- Test Liner Paper: Astron Paper produces Test Liner Paper made from recycled fibers. This paper is used as the outer and inner layers of corrugated boxes, offering a sustainable and sturdy solution for packaging applications.

4- Sustainable Manufacturing: Astron Paper emphasizes sustainable manufacturing practices by using recycled waste paper as raw material. This approach not only promotes environmental sustainability but also helps in reducing the ecological footprint of their production processes.

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5- Custom Product Development: The company provides custom product development services, tailoring their products to meet the specific requirements of clients. This includes customization in terms of size, weight, and quality, ensuring that the products align perfectly with the client's needs.

6- Technical Support: Astron Paper offers comprehensive technical support and consultation services to their clients. This includes assistance in optimizing product usage and performance, ensuring that clients can effectively utilize the products for their specific applications.

7- Logistics and Delivery: The company ensures efficient logistics and delivery through robust supply chain management. This guarantees timely delivery of products to customers, maintaining a reliable and consistent supply of their paper products.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Astron Paper?

1. Kirit Patel : Chairman and Managing Director

Kirit Patel has been instrumental in establishing Astron Paper as a significant player in the recycled corrugated paper industry. He is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.

2. Ramakant Patel: Whole Time Director

Ramakant Patel has a strong background in the paper industry, contributing to the company's strategic decisions and operational management.

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3. Karshanbhai Patel: Promoter

Karshanbhai Patel brings extensive experience and a visionary approach to the company, supporting its growth and expansion efforts.

Question 3: Who are the clients of Astron Paper?

The clients of Astron Paper & Board Mill Ltd. include a variety of companies across different industries. Some of their notable clients are:

1. ITC Limited - A leading Indian conglomerate with diversified business interests.

2. BILT (Ballarpur Industries Limited) - One of the largest manufacturers of writing and printing paper in India.

3. West Coast Paper Mills Limited - A prominent paper manufacturing company.

4. JK Paper Ltd. - A major player in the Indian paper industry.

And many more such as Bindal Papers Limited, Maharashtra Paper Products,  Satyam Pulp and Paper Industries Ltd., etc

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