Auro Impex & Chemicals Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Auro Impex & Chemicals?

Auro Impex & Chemicals is a company that imports and distributes chemicals and related products based on its business model and focus.

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Chemical Imports: Auro Impex & Chemicals imports different types of chemicals for various industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, textiles, and manufacturing.

Specialty Chemicals: They focus on bringing in special chemicals for certain uses, like additives, catalysts, surfactants, polymers, and fine chemicals. These chemicals have special qualities and are used in specific industries or for special manufacturing.

Raw Materials: Auro Impex & Chemicals imports raw materials like solvents, acids, bases, and intermediates for making products in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, and adhesives.

Customized Solutions: The company can provide custom solutions for clients, like finding rare chemicals, giving technical help, and offering advice on buying and managing chemicals.

Distribution and Logistics: Auro Impex & Chemicals delivers imported chemicals to customers. They handle warehousing, inventory, and transportation and follow regulations for chemical handling.

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Quality Assurance: They can make sure the chemicals they bring in are good by checking them, inspecting them, and working with trusted suppliers.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Auro Impex & Chemicals?

The promotors of Auro Impex include Madhusudan Goenka, Praveen Kumar Goenka, Vanshika Goenka, Sibasis Mitra, Sankar Thakur and Raghav Jhunjhunwala. Madhusudan Goenka is the chairman of the company. He studied General Business and Commerce at Hindi High School. Raghav Jhunjhunwala is the company secretary for Auro Impex & Chemicals Ltd.

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