Bajel Projects Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Bajel Projects?

Bajel Projects Private Limited works on infrastructure development and engineering services. They offer different products and services in these areas.

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1- Construction and Engineering

  • Civil Construction: Bajel Projects builds houses, offices, and schools. They do everything from planning to finishing the construction.
  • Infrastructure Development: The company builds roads, bridges, highways, and flyovers to improve transportation networks.

2- Water and Waste Management

  • Water Supply Systems: Design and build water systems to supply and manage water effectively.
  • Wastewater Treatment: Building sewage and wastewater treatment plants to treat and recycle wastewater.

3- Industrial Projects

  • Industrial Infrastructure: Building factories, warehouses, and other industrial structures, as well as creating infrastructure for industrial parks and zones.

4- Environmental Services

  • Solid Waste Management: The company helps collect, move, sort, and get rid of trash from cities.
  • Hazardous Waste Management: Safely dispose of hazardous and biomedical waste to protect the environment and follow regulations.

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5- Renewable Energy Projects

  • Solar Power Projects: They develop and install solar power plants and systems to encourage the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Wind Energy Projects: Building and taking care of wind power projects to help create sustainable energy solutions.

6- Real Estate Development

  • Residential Projects: Development of homes and neighborhoods.
  • Commercial Projects: Building office buildings, shopping malls, and retail centres.

7- Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance of Infrastructure: They maintain and operate infrastructure projects to keep them working well for a long time.

8- Project Management and Consultancy

  • Project Planning and Management: Provide consulting services for project planning, management, and execution to help projects finish on time and within budget.
  • Technical Consultancy: Offering technical advice and support for construction and infrastructure projects.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of Bajel Projects?

The promoters of Bajel Projects Ltd are Kiran Bajaj, Geetika Bajaj, Vanraj Bajaj, Shekhar Bajaj, Pooja Bajaj, Sunaina Kejriwal, Niraj Bajaj, Minal Bajaj, Sanjivnayan Bajaj, Niravnayan Bajaj, Neelima Bajaj Swamy, Madhur Bajaj, Kumud Bajaj, Suman Jain, Kriti Bajaj, Shefali Bajaj and Deepa Bajaj.

The promoter groups include Jamnalal Sons Private Limited, Bajaj Holdings And Investment Ltd, Baroda Industries Private Limited, Hind Musafir Agency Ltd, Vanraj Bajaj Trust, Bajaj International Pvt Ltd, Neelima Bajaj Swamy Family Trust, Hercules Hoists Limited, Nimisha Jaipuria Family Trust, Shekhar Holdings Pvt Ltd, Niravnayan Trust, Niravnayan Bajaj Family Trust, Kriti Bajaj Family Trust, Rahul Securities Pvt Ltd, Rishab Family Trust, Sanjali Family Trust, Nimisha Bajaj Family Trust, Kumud Neelima Family Trust, Kumud Nimisha Family Trust, Madhur Neelima Family Trust, Madhur Nimisha Family Trust, Bachhraj Factories Private Limited, Bachhraj & Co Private Limited, Neelima Bajaj Family Trust, Sanraj Nayan Investments Private Limited, Rupa Equities Private Limited, Niraj Holdings Private Limited, Madhur Securities Private Limited, Kamalnayan Investments And Trading Private Limited, Bajaj Sevashram Private Limited.

Rajesh Ganesh is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO) of the company from 29 April 2024.

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