Balarampur Chini Mills Ltd Company Profile :Products,Promoters and Clients

Balarampur Chini Mills Ltd Company Description:

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited (BCML) stands as one of India's largest integrated sugar companies, renowned for its efficient sugar production capabilities. In addition to sugar, BCML operates distilleries and cogenerates power, enhancing its operational diversification. The company has strategically expanded its capacity through planned projects and acquisitions, solidifying its position in the sugar industry.

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Q1.What are the Products and Service offerings of the Company?

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited (BCML) is one of India's largest integrated sugar manufacturing companies, known for its diversified product portfolio:

Sugar: BCML produces sugar as its primary product, leveraging its efficient manufacturing capabilities.

Ethanol & Alcohol: The company is involved in ethanol production, utilizing B-heavy molasses as a feedstock.

Power (co-generation): BCML operates cogeneration power plants that utilize bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane crushing, to generate electricity. This supports both internal operations and the local grid.

Bagasse: BCML uses bagasse not only for cogeneration but also for producing organic fuels, thereby promoting sustainability practices within its operations.

Agri-inputs: The company also engages in agri-inputs, possibly related to farming supplies or inputs that complement its core sugar and ethanol operations.

BCML's strategic capacity expansions and acquisitions have reinforced its position as a leader in the Indian sugar industry, focusing on sustainable practices and efficient resource utilization.

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company?

Chairman and Managing Director

Executive Director

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Q3. Who are the Clients of the Company?

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited serves a wide range of customers across its different product lines, including industrial buyers and institutional buyers. The company's products find application in the food, beverage, and paper and packaging industries.

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(By Medhansh Bairaria)