BCL Industries Company Profile: Products,Promoters and Clients

BCL Industries Company Description:

BCL Industries Limited, established in 1976, stands as one of India’s foremost agro-processing manufacturing companies, known for its extensive business operations and vertical integration.

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The company operates in multiple sectors including Edible Oils, Rice Milling, grain-based Distillery, and Real Estate, with a significant presence in Punjab and West Bengal.

Q1.What are the Products and Service offerings of the Company?

  • Edible Oil and Vanaspati: BCL Industries Limited specializes in the production of Vanaspati, Refined oils, and oil & solvent extraction from seeds and rice.
  • Distillery: The company operates a distillery in Punjab, manufacturing Ethanol, Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), and bottling liquor.
  • Real Estate: BCL Industries has undertaken significant real estate projects in Bhatinda, Punjab.

Product Portfolio:

  • Edible Oil: Includes Soyabean refined oil, cottonseed refined oil, palm refined oil, and mustard oil sold under brands like HomeCook and Murli.
  • Basmati Rice: Offered under brands such as HomeCook, White Gold, and Permal.
  • Vanaspati Ghee: Available under brands HomeCook and DO Khajoor.
  • Liquor: The company produces a range of spirits including Whisky, Gin, Rum, Vodka, etc., branded as Asli Santra, Ranjha Saunfi, Punjab Special, Cozi Dry, Red Royal, and Summer Chef.

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Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company?

Shri R. C. Nayyar 

Shri R. C. Nayyar is the Chairman and Independent Director of the Company. He is around 69 years old and was part of the 1982 batch of the Indian Administrative Services. He has a Doctorate in Science and a Masters in Statistics from Punjab University. 

He also has a Masters in Rural Social Development from Reading University in the United Kingdom. Mr. Nayyar has worked for the government in different roles for over thirty years, gaining administrative and managerial experience.

Mr. Rajinder Mittal

Mr. Rajinder Mittal, is a renowned and leading industrialist from Punjab. He started his professional journey at the age of 21 when he joined his father, Late Sh. Dwarka Dass Mittal in the business. 

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It is due to his vision and guidance the Company has experienced remarkable growth over the years. BCL Industries Ltd, under Mr. Mittal’s leadership, has established itself as a dominant player in the manufacturing of grain-based Ethanol and ENA, Edible Oil and Real Estate sector

Q3.Who are the Clients of the Company?

BCL Industries' key clients include global liquor giants Pernod Ricard and Radico Khaitan, Indian pharmaceutical companies Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited and Wonder Healthcare, as well as major Indian oil marketing companies (OMCs) to whom BCL supplies ethanol.

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(By Medhansh Bairaria)