CENLUB Industries Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of CENLUB Industries Limited?

Some of CENLUB Industries Limited's main products and services included:

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Centralized Lubrication Systems: CENLUB Industries makes centralized lubrication systems for machines. They help properly lubricate, reduce friction, and make machine parts last longer.

Progressive Distributors: They make progressive distributors for centralized lubrication systems. These distributors deliver lubricants to different machinery points, ensuring even lubrication and good performance.

Oil and Grease Injectors: CENLUB Industries makes oil and grease injectors for centralized lubrication systems. The injectors deliver the right amount of lubricant to each point, reducing waste and improving lubrication efficiency.

Hand-Operated Pumps: They offer hand-operated pumps for manual lubrication from containers to machinery and equipment.

Engineering and Design: CENLUB Industries offers engineering and design services to create custom lubrication solutions for clients. It includes evaluating lubrication needs, designing personalized systems, and offering technical assistance.

Installation and Commissioning: The company will probably install and test its lubrication systems and equipment, including setting up and testing on-site to ensure they work well.

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Training and Support: CENLUB Industries can provide training and support to help clients properly use and care for their lubrication systems. It allows the equipment to work well and last a long time.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of CENLUB Industries?

The promotors of CENLUB Industries Limited include Aman Mittal, Madhu Mittal, Dinesh Kaushal, Ansh Mittal, Santosh Varma, Ankur Goyal and Tarun Kumar Gupta.

Madhu Mittal is the chairman and Ankur Goyal is the company secretary of Cenlub Industries Ltd.

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