Chatha Foods Approval, DMR Hydroengineering Excellent Results And H. G. Infra Engineering Subsidiary Incorporation

Chatha Foods Ltd.

Recent filing: (APPROVAL) Chatha Foods has secured approval from Burger King India to supply chicken products. Company cleared stringent food safety audits by Burger King before initiating supplies.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 49.8x (Sector PE range: 30-100) | Capacity expansion | New products | Geographical expansion of distribution | Institutional Entry | IPO | Consumption

  • MCap of INR 229 Crore (share price = INR 102 / share) (as on 26th Apr ‘24)
  • TTM PE 49.8x (as on 26th Apr ‘24) Retail float = 6.5% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Top 5 customers contribute to 93% of revenues

What are the products and services of Chatha Foods ?

Founded in 1997, Chatha Foods is one of India’s recognised frozen food processors, serving top QSRs (Quick Serving Restaurants), CDRs (Casual Dining Restaurants), and other players in the HoReCa (Hotel-Restaurant-Catering) segment. Company’s manufacturing facilities and systems are BRC Certified.

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DMR Hydroengineering & Infrastructures Ltd.

Recent filing: (EXCELLENT RESULTS) For the half year ending Mar-24 for DMR Hydroengineering & Infrastructure, Sales up 83% YoY from INR 2.1 Cr in Mar-23 to INR 3.9 Cr in Mar-24. Similarly, Net Profit up 3.3x from INR 0.3 Cr to INR 0.9 Cr. On an HoH basis, Sales up 23% and Net Profit up 52%.

SUMMARY: 5y Operating Profit uptrend | 1 semi-annual Operating Profit uptrend | PE 33.4x (Sector PE range 30-50) | Excellent Mar-24 results | Fund raise | Ace Investor | Green Energy

  • MCap of INR 51 Crore (share price = INR 134 / share) (as on 26th Apr ‘24)
  • TTM PE 33.4x (as on 26th Apr ‘24) Retail float = 21.1% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Dependency on infrastructure sectors subjects the Company to economic uncertainties, affecting demand, costs, and financial performance.

What are the products and services of DMR Hydroengineering?

DMR is a leading engineering consulting firm in India that leverages experience and core expertise in design and engineering to offer concept to commissioning solutions throughout the lifecycle of projects in infrastructure sectors - hydropower including small hydro, pumped storage including renewable energy, water resources, dams, barrages & weirs, road & rail tunnels, mining and other infrastructures.

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H. G. Infra Engineering Ltd.

Recent filing: (SUBSIDIARY INCORPORATION) H.G. Solar Projects Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of H.G. Infra Engineering, has incorporated 3 new wholly owned subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include H.G. Jodhpur Solar Energy Private Limited, H.G. Solar Project Developer Private Limited, and H.G. Green Hydrogen Power Private Limited. The purpose of establishing these subsidiaries is to engage in businesses related to solar power.

SUMMARY: 6y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 15.1x (Sector PE range 8-25) | Orderbook as of Dec ‘23 stands at INR 9,626 Cr, 1.8x of TTM Revenue

  • MCap of INR 7,648 Crore (share price = INR 1,174 / share) (as on 26th Apr ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 15.1x (as on 26th Apr ‘24) Retail float = 9.0% (Mar-24)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Client concentration risk: Road projects from NHAI and ARTL contribute to 87% of orderbook as of Dec-23.

What are the products and services of H. G. Infra Engineering?

With a resilient two-decade journey, HGIEL has emerged as one of India's fastest-growing construction companies. Its dedication to quality and timely execution has been pivotal in establishing it as a trusted leader in the infrastructure industry. It is engaged in the business of EPC and Maintenance of roads, bridges, flyovers, etc.

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