Continental Controls Corporation Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Continental Controls Corporation?

Continental Controls Corporation makes products and services that improve natural gas engines and turbines. Here are their main offerings:

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1- Gas Engine Controls

  • AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio) Controllers: Devices control the air-fuel mixture for better combustion and efficiency in natural gas engines.
  • Detonation (Knock) Controllers: Systems detect and prevent engine knocking by adjusting timing and fuel.
  • Fuel Control Valves: Precision valves control natural gas flow to the engine for fuel delivery and combustion.

2- Gas Turbine Controls

  • Fuel Metering Valves: Turbine flow meters regulate fuel to the turbine for better performance and efficiency. They measure natural gas flow to ensure accurate fuel delivery.
  • Turbine Speed and Temperature Controllers: Gas turbines are monitored and controlled to keep them running efficiently and safely.

3- Integrated Control Systems

  • Engine Management Systems: Control solutions combine functions like fuel control, ignition, and monitoring to operate natural gas engines smoothly.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems: Tools that give immediate data and diagnostics for natural gas engines and turbines, helping with maintenance and performance improvement.

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4- Technical Support

  • Consulting Services: Get expert advice on choosing, installing, and improving control systems for natural gas engines and turbines.
  • Field Service Support: Help install, fix, and maintain control systems at your location.

5- Training and Education

  • Operator Training Programs: Courses teach operators how to use and maintain Continental Controls products.
  • Technical Workshops: Detailed training sessions on engine and turbine controls for engineers and technicians.

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6- Customized Solutions

Tailored Control Systems: The company create custom control solutions to improve old engines and turbines. These solutions are designed to meet specific customer needs and make the engines work more efficiently using less energy.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Continental Controls Corporation?

The promoters of Continental Controls are Navin Gordhandas Thakkar, Sarojben N Thakkar and Samir N Thakkar.

Navin G Thakkar is the Chairman and Managing Director of Continental Controls. He has over 30 years of experience in this field.

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