Cosmic CRF Preferential, PhantomFX Order And SAR Televentures Fund Raise

Cosmic CRF Ltd.

Recent filing: (PREFERENTIAL) BoD has approved the issuance of 12.8L equity shares at INR 666 per share, aggregating to INR 85 Cr, on a Preferential Basis. Allottees include: INR 36 Cr worth to Dar's Business Finance Pvt. Ltd. (of which Ashish Kacholia is one of the Directors), INR 36 Cr worth to Everest Finance & Investment, Rakesh Laroia, Manickam Ravichandran, amongst others.

SUMMARY: 1y Operating Profit uptrend | 2 semi-annual Operating Profit uptrend | PE 57.8x (Sector PE range 40-70) | Excellent Sep-23 results | Fund raising | Strategic acquisition | Railways

  • MCap of INR 694 Crore (share price = INR 1,002 / share) (as on 22nd Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 57.8x (as on 22nd Jan ‘24) Retail float = 22.7% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Cosmic CRF?

Cosmic CRF Ltd. Group is a name to reckon with in the business community in the eastern India. The group is active in various business/industries like cold rolled forming and manufacturing of other engineering items for wagon carts, electrical transmission and defense sector as well as real estate.

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Recent filing: (ORDER) PhantomFX-SM has received an order worth INR 50 Cr from KJR Studios, to be executed by Dec 2025.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 35.6x (Sector PE range 30-60) | Capacity expansion | Fund raising | Institutional entry | VFX

  • MCap of INR 663 Crore (share price = INR 488 / share) (as on 22nd Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE 35.6x (as on 22nd Jan ‘24) Retail float = 20.2% (Dec-23)

What are the Products and Services of PhantomFX?

Incorporated in 2016, Phantom Digital Effects limited provides high-end visual effects (VFX) solutions for commercial, feature films and television media globally. It has a full fledged creative studio based in India with its offices operating in Canada and USA. The company is Certified Trusted Partner Network Company (TNP) which gives Phantom the validation to be a part of Marvel, Disney or Pixar Movies.

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SAR Televentures Ltd.

Recent filing: (FUND RAISE) SAR Televentures Ltd. Company's BoD has considered and approved the raising of INR 450 Cr of funds through (i) INR 250 Cr of Rights Issuance, and (ii) INR 200 Cr of follow-on public offering.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | 2q Operating Profit uptrend | PE 57.7x (Sector PE range 30-50) | Excellent Sep-23 results | Fund raising | Telecom (5G) Infra

  • MCap of INR 432 Crore (share price = INR 288/ share) (as on 22nd Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 57.7x (as on 22nd Jan ‘24) Retail float = NA% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of SAR Televentures?

SAR Televentures Limited was incorporated with an aim to provide the leasing of 4G/5G towers to telecom companies. The company has capability to Construct 4G and 5G Towers which are onward leased to Telecom companies. SAR is also having international operations in Myanmar, ABSA Innovations, a closely held subsidy of SAR in Telecom.

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