Cummins India Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Cummins India?

Here's an overview of Cummins India's products and services:

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Diesel and Natural Gas Engines: Cummins India makes diesel and natural gas engines for various uses, such as cars, factories, power plants, ships, and the military. These engines are reliable, fuel-efficient, and perform well at different power levels.

Power Generation Systems: They provide power generation solutions encompassing diesel and natural gas generators suitable for standby, prime, and continuous power needs. These solutions help industries like office buildings, data centres, hospitals, factories, telecom companies, and housing complexes.

Components and Parts: The company offers engines and power systems many parts. These parts include filters, turbochargers, fuel systems, exhaust systems, electronic controls, and aftertreatment solutions. These parts help engines work well, last long and meet emission rules.

Emission Solutions: Cummins India creates technologies to control emissions and follow environmental rules. These technologies include diesel filters, catalytic reduction, and exhaust gas recirculation systems. They help decrease pollutants and meet emission standards.

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Integrated Power Systems: They also provide integrated power solutions that combine engines, generators, controls, and other components to deliver tailored to customers' needs.  

Engineering Services: The company provides engineering services to customise solutions, improve system performance, and offer technical expertise in powertrain integration, control systems, and emissions management.

Renewable Energy Solutions: Cummins Emission Solutions focuses more on renewable energy solutions, like hybrid power systems and energy storage. They are combining solar and wind power with their regular power generation options.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Cummins India ?

The CEO of Cummins India Limited is Ashwath Ram. The promoters of the company include Ashwath Ram, Anjali Pandey, Pradheepram Ottikkutti, Ajay Shriram Patil, Shubhankar Chatterji, Ashish Aggarwal​, Anupama Kaul, Shveta Arya, Nitin Jirafe, Vivek Malapati, Pankaj Kapoor, Subramanian Chidambaran, Sanjit Batra, Annapurna Vishwanathan and Jatin Bhatia

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