Cyient Ltd. Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Company Description: Cyient (formerly Infotech Enterprises Limited) is an Indian multinational technology company that is focused on engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, and networks and operations. Infotech Enterprises Ltd. was established in 1991 in Hyderabad.

Q1.What are the Product and Service offerings of the company ?

Cyient Ltd. offers a wide range of services across various industries, including:

  1. Engineering Services
    • Digital Engineering:
      • Digital transformation, engineering, and technology solutions
    • Geospatial Services:
      • Geospatial solutions, including:
      • Digitization of drawings and maps
      • Computer aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE)
      • Photogrammetry
      • Design and modeling
    • Data Analytics:
      • Data transformation and analytics services
    • IT Solutions:
      • IT solutions, including:
      • Software products development
      • Consulting
      • Analytics
      • Implementation
  2. Design and Manufacturing
    • Design Led Manufacturing (DLM):
      • End-to-end engineering and manufacturing solutions, including:
      • Product design
      • Manufacturing support
      • Supply chain optimization
      • Lifecycle management
    • Repair Development Engineering:
      • Repair development engineering services
    • Reverse Engineering:
      • Reverse engineering services
    • Application Software Development:
      • Custom application software development services
  3. Data and Analytics
    • Data Transformation and Analytics:
      • Data transformation and analytics services
    • IoT and Analytics:
      • IoT and analytics services
  4. Connectivity and Communication
    • Communications:
      • Communications services, including:
      • IT operations analysis
      • Software-defined networking
      • Rail communications
  5. Sustainability and Energy
    • Mining, Energy, and Utilities:
      • Mining, energy, and utilities services
  6. New Growth Areas
    • Medical Technology and Healthcare:
      • Medical technology and healthcare services, including:
      • Diagnostic imaging
      • In-vitro diagnostics
      • Cardiology
      • Patient monitoring
    • Semiconductor and Hi-Tech:
      • Semiconductor and hi-tech services, including:
      • Advanced analog
      • Radio frequency
      • Mixed-signal integrated circuit design
    • Automotive:
      • Automotive services, including:
      • Product design
      • Manufacturing support
      • Lifecycle management

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company ?

BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder Chairman of Cyient, contributes to the company's global brand and purpose as a mentor and critic, promoting integrity and corporate governance. He founded Cyient in 1991, establishing the "Engineered in India" brand and leading the company to over $5 billion in exports. Mohan served as NASSCOM Chairman in 2015-16 and CII Southern Region Chairman in 2008-09. He holds leadership positions at IIT Hyderabad, IIT Roorkee, University of Michigan, and ASCI. Mohan received the Padma Shri award in 2017 for his contributions to trade and industry and holds postgraduate degrees from IIT Kanpur and University of Michigan, along with honorary doctorates.

Karthikeyan NATARAJAN As Cyient's Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Natarajan drives global operations. He led its transformation from pure play engineering services to a technology solutions partner. In his recent stint at Cyient, he has put the company on a high growth track with a sharpened focus on developing talent, service capabilities, innovation initiatives, and reinforcing customer-centricity.With over 30 years of experience in the engineering and technology domain, Karthik brings a strong focus on product development, R&D, and engineering/digital strategies for global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. He is widely recognized as a thought leader in the engineering and technology domain and serves as the Engineering R&D Council Chair, and is a member of the Executive Council at NASSCOM

Q3.Who are the Major Clients of the Company ?

Some of the Notable clients of Cyient are Airbus,Deustche Aircraft,SkyDive,Thingtrax etc.