Delta Manufacturing Ltd. Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Delta Manufacturing Ltd. Company Description

Delta Manufacturing Ltd. is a well-known producer that offers premium goods to a range of industries. It specialises in the creation of various magnets and clothing trims.

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Q1.What are the Products and Service offerings of the Company?

Magnet Division

Delta Manufacturing Ltd.'s magnet division specializes in producing and supplying a wide array of magnets for various uses:

Types of Magnets:

  1. Hard Ferrite Magnets: Used extensively in loudspeakers.
  2. Ring Magnets: Commonly found in loudspeakers and lifting equipment.
  3. Segment Magnets: Versatile for multiple applications.
  4. Arc Magnets: Tailored for the automotive industry.
  5. Flat Rectangular Magnets: Suitable for a variety of uses.
  6. Isotropic Rings: Employed in DC motors and dynamos.

Key Products:

  1. Sector Magnets: Featuring high Br and relatively high Hc-J values, these magnets are ideal for automotive magnetos and alternators.
  2. Motor Magnets: Used in starter and wiper systems for cars and motorcycles.
  3. Ferro Fluid: Applied in loudspeakers, liquid seals, mechanical engineering, aerospace, analytical instrumentation, and biomedical fields.
  4. Ring Magnets: Utilized in loudspeakers and lifting devices.
  5. Isotropic Magnets: Perfect for toys, games, and micro motors.
  6. Low Energy Embedding Powder (LEEP): These magnets are used in door closure seals, health magnets, injection-molded parts, crafts, coated magnets, and promotional items.
  7. Rare Earth Magnets: High-power magnets available as Sintered NdFeB Magnet and Bonded NdFeB Magnet.

Garment Trims Division

Delta Manufacturing Ltd.'s garment trims division designs, produces, and supplies various trims to leading garment and textile companies in India.

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Key Products:

  1. Woven Labels
  2. Heat Transfers
  3. Fabric Printed Labels
  4. Elastic and Non-Elastic Tapes.

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company?

Mr. Jaydev Mody (Chairman)

Over the course of his more than 40 years in business creation, development, and management, Mr. Jaydev Mody has dedicated more than 25 of those years to the real estate industry. In South Mumbai, he was instrumental in the construction and development of "Crossroads," the country's first international mall. Mr. Mody, a Mumbai University graduate in the humanities, has contributed significantly to the growth of numerous sizable residential and commercial complexes as well as retail establishments in and around Mumbai.

Among these are Peninsula IT Park, Ashok Towers, Ashok Gardens, and Peninsula Corporate Park, all of which are now well-known landmarks in Mumbai. Being a first-generation entrepreneur, he is interested in a variety of industries, such as textiles, gaming, hotels, and magnet manufacturing.

Dr. Ram H. Shroff (Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director)

One of the top Ayurvedic and herbal companies in India is called Charak. Through his endeavours, the company has significantly increased its market share and released various new products that have helped open up new avenues for patient care.Charak Pharma's global presence was also started by Dr. Shroff. Over 45 nations worldwide currently offer Charak for purchase. 

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Additionally, he has taken part in a number of regional, national, and worldwide medical conferences, emphasising the value of complementary therapies in patient care.Dr. Shroff has also launched a new company, Digimed Healthcare, which specialises in medical tourism to markets in Africa.

Q3.Who are the Clients of the Company?

The company's products and services are used in many industries such as power supply, medical devices, communication, entertainment, and vehicles. In 2023, their revenue was divided as follows: 51% from textiles, 24% from soft ferrites, and 25% from hard ferrites.

When their sources of income were broken down for the same time period, the sale of magnets made up about 42% of their total income. The contribution from sales of woven labels was 23%, woven tape was 8%, coil windings was 3%, powder was 2%, and fabric printed labels was 20%. The remaining 2% was made up of other miscellaneous sales.

Geographically, domestic sales accounted for around 94% of total revenue, with export sales contributing approximately 6%.

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