Dhanashree Electronics Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Dhanashree Electronics ?

Dhanashree Electronics Ltd. is an Indian company that sells electronics and related products. They offer a variety of products and services.

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1- Consumer Electronics

  • Televisions: Dhanashree Electronics sells LED, LCD, and smart TVs from top brands to suit different tastes and budgets.
  • Home Appliances: This category has essential home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances. They offer products from popular brands that are reliable and good quality.
  • Audio Systems: They sell different home audio systems like speakers, soundbars, and home theater systems for people who love or enjoy listening to music.

2- Computing and Mobile Devices

  • Laptops and Desktops: You can choose from many laptops and desktops, from simple ones for everyday tasks to powerful ones for gaming and work.
  • Tablets and Smartphones: They sell new smartphones and tablets from top companies worldwide, offering different prices and features to meet customer needs.

3- Cameras and Accessories

  • Digital Cameras: They sell digital cameras for beginners and experts, including DSLRs, mirrorless, and point-and-shoot cameras.
  • Camera Accessories: These include lenses, tripods, memory cards, and other essential accessories that enhance the photography experience.

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4- Networking and IT Products

  • Routers and Modems: You can find routers, modems, and extenders from top brands to keep your internet connection strong at home or work.
  • Storage Devices: They have different storage options like external hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

5- Retail and Distribution

Dhanashree Electronics has retail stores and sells electronics wholesale to retailers in the area. Their stores let customers see and buy products, and their distribution network makes electronics widely available.

6- After-Sales Service

  • Installation and Setup: They install and set up electronic products like home theaters, air conditioners, and large home appliances to ensure they work well and satisfy customers.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Dhanashree Electronics repairs and maintains the products they sell and service centers with trained technicians for electronic repairs.

7- Customer Support

Consultation and Advice: In-store and phone customer support helps shoppers choose products and advise on features, compatibility, and best practices. They also help with warranty services for products under warranty, ensuring customers get repairs or replacements quickly.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of Dhanashree Electronics?

The promoters of Dhanashree Electronics include Santosh Kr Toshniwal, Madan Gopal Maheshwari, Chand Prakash Toshniwal, Santosh Kumar Toshniwal(HUF) Veena Devi Toshniwal, Chand Prakash Toshniwal & sons (HUF), Nitesh Kumar Toshniwal, Sunita Devi Toshniwal, Durga Devi Toshniwal, Yogita Toshniwal, Sumitra Devi Toshniwal.

The promoter groups of Dhanashree Electronics are Madan Gopal Maheshwari (HUF), Abhishek Toshniwal, Abhishek Toshniwal (HUF), Pawan Toshniwal Nitesh Toshniwal (HUF). Saket Toshniwal, Evernew commodeal pvt ltd, Nandlal Toshniwal & Co (HUF) and Frontline Holdings (p) Ltd,

Madan Gopal Maheshwari is the Director cum Chairman of the company.  He is a graduate from Bombay University. Maheshwari is a second-generation entrepreneur, He is also an active angel investor and venture capitalist.

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