Droneacharya Aerial Order, JTL Industries Good Result And Agarwal Industrial Corporation Asset Expansion

Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.

Recent filing: (ORDER) Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd. has secured a prestigious contract from the Indian Army, Ministry of Defence. The contract entails providing Capacity Building and Advanced Drone Training at the Mechanized Army Courses Group, Ahmednagar.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | 2 semi-annual Operating Profit uptrend | PE 66.7x (Sector PE range 70-120) | Excellent Sep-23 results | New products | Strategic collaborations | Entry into International markets | Institutional entry | Drones

  • MCap of INR 467 Crore (share price = INR 195 / share) (as on 15th Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE of 66.7x (as on 15th Jan ‘24) Retail float = 21.4% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of Droneacharya Aerial Innovations?

Incorporated in 2017, the Company provides a high-end ecosystem of Drone solutions for multi-sensor Drone surveys, data processing of Drone data using robust high-configuration workstations, Drone pilot training & specialized GIS training.

JTL Industries Ltd.

Recent filing: (GOOD RESULTS) For the quarter ending Dec-23, Sales up 65% YoY from INR 343 Cr in Dec-22 to INR 567 Cr in Dec-23. Similarly, Net Profit up 47% YoY from INR 20.5 Cr to INR 30.2 Cr. On a QoQ basis, Sales up 13% and Net Profit up 8%.

SUMMARY: 3y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 36.0x (Sector PE range 10-50) | Fund raise | Capacity expansion | Promoter buying | Fund entry

  • MCap of INR 4,313 Crore (share price = INR 252 / share) (as on 15th Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE 36.0x (as on 15th Jan ‘24) Retail float = 11.3% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of JTL Industries?

JTL Industries is the flagship company of the Jagan Group of Companies. It produces Black & Galvanized ERW Steel Pipes & Tubes, hollow sections and structural steel that are extensively used in major engineering and construction projects. The group caters to th domestic Indian markets as well as the overseas export markets.

Agarwal Industrial Corporation Ltd.

Recent filing: (ASSET EXPANSION) Fixed Assets at the end of Sep-23 stood at INR 410 Cr, 20% above Mar-23 level of INR 341 Cr.

SUMMARY: 6y Operating Profit uptrend | PE 15.1x (Sector PE range 10-40) | Asset expansion | Ace Investor

  • MCap of INR 1,466 Crore (share price = INR 980 / share) (as on 15th Jan ‘24)
  • TTM PE 15.1x (as on 15th Jan ‘24) Retail float = 17.5% (Sep-23)

What are the Products and Services of JTL Industries?

Agarwal Industrial Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and trading of Petrochemicals, with a primary focus on Bitumen and Bituminous Products. The company is actively involved in the logistics operations related to bitumen and liquefied Petroleum Gas.

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