Emami Paper Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Emami Paper?

Emami Paper Mills Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of a variety of paper products and packaging solutions. Their diverse products and services underscore Emami Paper's position as a leading player in the paper manufacturing industry in India. Their offerings can be categorized as follows:

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1. Newsprint: Emami Paper is India's largest manufacturer of newsprint, supplying high-quality newsprint to the newspaper industry.

2. Writing and Printing Paper: Products include white cream wove, maplitho, and ledger paper, which are used for general writing and printing purposes.

3. Multi-layer Coated Boards: Emami Paper produces high-end multi-layer coated boards, including recycled and virgin boards used in packaging solutions and are notable for their bulk, stiffness, and eco-friendliness. Key products in this category include brands like Emami Maxofold, Emami Glamkot, and Emami Eco Strong Grey Board.

4. Packaging Solutions: The company's packaging boards are USFDA and FSC certified, emphasizing safety and sustainability in packaging.

5. Export Services: Emami Paper exports a significant portion of its high-end packaging boards to South East Asian countries, underlining its commitment to global standards and market expansion.

6. Captive Power Plant: The company operates a 33.5 MW captive power plant to support its production facilities, ensuring consistent and efficient manufacturing processes.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of Emami Paper?

1. R.S. Agarwal - Co-Founder & Non-Executive Chairman

R.S. Agarwal is a co-founder of the Emami Group and has played a pivotal role in establishing Emami as a major conglomerate. With expertise in finance, taxation, and strategic planning, he has been instrumental in driving the company's growth and expansion across various sectors.

2. R.S. Goenka - Co-Founder & Non-Executive Chairman

R.S. Goenka, along with R.S. Agarwal co-founded the Emami Group. Known for his expertise in corporate affairs and finance, he has been a key figure in the company’s success, guiding its strategic direction and overseeing its development into a diversified business conglomerate.

3. Harsha V. Agarwal - Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Harsha V. Agarwal has over two decades of experience within Emami Ltd., managing various functions such as strategy, marketing, M&A, HR, and IT. He leads the FMCG business and drives the company's digital transformation, focusing on long-term strategic growth and acquisitions.

4. Mohan Goenka - Vice Chairman & Whole-time Director

Mohan Goenka is responsible for the strategic, marketing, finance, and investor relations functions at Emami Ltd. Known for his innovative approach, he launched the successful Fair and Handsome brand and has extensive experience in steering the company's FMCG business.

5. Priti A. Sureka - Whole-Time Director

Priti A. Sureka oversees R&D, Market Innovation, and the skincare & haircare divisions of Emami. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, she is recognized for her strategic vision and leadership in driving product development and market growth.

6. Prashant Goenka - Promoter Director

Prashant Goenka heads the International Business division of Emami Ltd. With expertise in markets like the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia, he has played a crucial role in establishing Emami as a leading personal care manufacturer globally.

7. Anand Rathi - Independent Director

Anand Rathi is a seasoned financial expert and founder of the Anand Rathi Group. He brings valuable financial and investment expertise to the board, with a distinguished career including his tenure as President of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Question 3: Who are the clients of Emami Paper?

1. Newspaper Publishers: Major national and regional newspapers use Emami's newsprint paper for their publications.

2. Packaging Companies: Emami supplies high-quality packaging boards to companies in the packaging industry.

3. Consumer Goods Companies: Various consumer goods companies utilize Emami's paperboard for their packaging needs.

4. Commercial Printers: Commercial printing businesses use Emami's writing and printing papers.

5. Export Markets: Emami exports its products to international markets, catering to the global demand for paper and packaging materials.

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Written by - Vedant Bohat