Eraaya Lifespaces Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Eraaya Lifespaces?

Eraaya Lifespace offerings products and services related to real estate development and property management Include:

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Residential Projects: Eraaya Lifespaces builds homes like apartments, villas, and townhouses for different types of buyers, from those looking for affordable housing to those seeking luxury homes.

Commercial Projects: The company builds office spaces, stores, shopping centers, and mixed-use buildings to help grow commercial areas in cities and suburbs.

Land Development: Eraaya Lifespaces buys and develops land for homes, businesses, or a mix of both. They plan, zone, and build roads and utilities on the land before selling it.

Property Management Services: Eraaya Lifespaces may also manage residential and commercial properties, such as leasing, tenant management, maintenance, and facilities, to keep them running smoothly.

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Real Estate Consulting: Eraaya Lifespaces offers consulting services for real estate investments, market analysis, project feasibility studies, and strategic planning. These services assist clients in making intelligent decisions about their real estate investments and development projects.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Eraaya Lifespaces?

The promoters of Eraaya Lifespaces include Rashmi Chaudhary, Sony Kumari, Swati Gupta, Sukriti Garg, Bhawana Gupta, Meenakshi and Poonam Dhingra.

Rashmi Chaudhary is the chairman and company secretary for Eraaya Lifespaces Ltd.

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