From Aspiring Singer to Financial Guru: The Journey of CA Rachana Ranade

In the world of finance, women are always treated as backhanded when it comes to finance literacy. But a lady Rachana Ranade, a Chartered Accountant turned financial educator, not only inspires millions with her knowledge but also proves that women can achieve anything if they want.

After meeting her husband, Akshay Ranade, her passion for finance blossomed. With over 4.91 million subscribers, Rachana is transforming financial education, making it accessible to all and empowering countless individuals.

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Who is Rachna Ranade?

Rachna Ranade is a Chartered Accountant, teacher, entrepreneur and content creator. She teaches CA students. She creates content about finance-related topics and is one of the famous Fin influencers 

Early Life and Background

Rachana Ranade's journey is a compelling narrative of dedication, passion, and the transformative power of education. She was born and raised in Pune. Initially, she aspired to be a singer and learnt from professionals. Her journey took a pivotal turn in college, where she met Akshay Ranade, now her husband and a fellow Chartered Accountant. 

Akshay always aspired to become a CA, but after completing college both were worried about distance. This was the time when Rachna decided to pursue CA with Akshay. She just wanted to be with him so she also pursued CA.  

Her academic prowess was evident from a young age, and she cleared her Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams on her first attempt. The couple cleared the exam together in the year 2019.

Akshay was pretty much interested in the Stock market. He used to talk about stocks and markets to everyone, especially with Rachana. This was the first introduction of Rachna to the stock market. She started reading about companies and the stock market. His enthusiasm for stocks ignited Rachana’s interest, leading her to explore and study the stock market extensively.

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Rachana had numerous career opportunities available. However, she chose a path of teaching. She was driven by a passion for education and a desire to make financial knowledge accessible. Her engaging teaching style and ability to break down complex financial concepts soon made her a favourite among students in Pune.

Foundation "CA Rachana Phadke Ranade." YouTube channel

In 2019, Rachana took a significant step by launching her YouTube channel, "CA Rachana Phadke Ranade." This was the turning point in his life. Her initial videos focused on the stock market and fundamental financial concepts. The videos resonated with a broad audience, quickly going viral. This response soon made her a famous influencer in the finance world, and Rachana wants to the finance literacy gap. She gained over 4.9 million subscribers (Nearly 5 million) in just 5 years.

She believes that financial education should be accessible to all, regardless of Gender and background.

Rachana's impact extends beyond her YouTube channel. She has taught over 10,000 students in live batches in Pune and over 100,000 students online. Her Marathi channel, which has garnered over 2 million subscribers in less than 2 years.s.

Internationally, She has been invited to speak at prestigious events such as the 1 Billion Summit in Dubai and ICAI conferences in Abu Dhabi and Muscat. Google also recognized her contributions and invited her to visit their headquarters in California.

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Who is Rachna Ranade’s Husband?

CA Akshay Ranade is  Rachna Ranade’s Husband. He is also a CA. Three years ago, He quit his high-paying job after several years of experience working with MNCs and had a good salary. He did this to help Rachna and joined his dream of “creating financial literacy amongst masses”. Rachna often mentions him in his interviews and videos, and how he supported her on every phase of her life.

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He always believed her despite facing so much negativity from society. He says Rachna to follow routine work and focus more on content creation. He says "Let people keep making assumptions". 

Rachana balances her professional endeavours with a fulfilling personal life. Her ability to manage both aspects of her life is a testament to her discipline and commitment. Rachana’s story is not just about professional success; it is also about personal growth and the pursuit of one's passions.

CA Rachana Ranade is more than an educator; she is a beacon of empowerment in the world of finance. Her journey from a passionate CA student to a renowned financial educator is a testament to the power of dedication and the impact of accessible education.


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Written By Manvi