Fusion Micro Finance Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Fusion Micro Finance Description:

Established in 1994, Fusion Micro Finance Ltd is devoted to empowering economically and socially marginalized women entrepreneurs, particularly in pastoral andsemi-urban areas. The company provides fiscal services and prioritizes fiscal knowledge to enable effective fiscal operation among its clientele. Committed to transparent programs and client- centric practices, Fusion Micro Finance aims to produce value for all stakeholders while fostering inclusive profitable development. With a focus on tone- sustainability, the company leverages its distribution network to offer a different range of products and services, incubating its charge of empowering women and promoting balanced growth.

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Q1. What are the Product and service offerings of the Fusion Micro Finance?

The company specializes in microfinance and MSME segments, offering a range of tailored financial solutions. In the microfinance sector, it provides Income Generation Loans, which serve as the primary funding source for women in rural areas to support their small businesses. Additionally, Top Up Loans are available to existing customers to address interim working capital needs, while Emergency Loans offer timely assistance for unforeseen financial emergencies such as health crises or natural disasters.

Under the MSME umbrella, the company offers Unsecured Loans, providing flexible financing options without requiring collateral. Secured Loans are also available, leveraging assets as collateral to secure funding for business growth. Furthermore, Machinery Loans facilitate the acquisition of essential equipment, enabling businesses to enhance productivity and efficiency. Through these comprehensive product offerings, the company strives to empower entrepreneurs and foster economic development within communities.


Q2. Who are the Promoters/Management of the Fusion Micro Finance?

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Honey Rose Investments Ltd. Hold 32.83% stake in the company

Devesh Sachdev, the MD & CEO of the company, is an XLRI Post Graduate with 25 years of experience in the Service Industry before founding Fusion in 2009-10. Under his leadership, Fusion has become a leading microfinance institution, with expanding operations. He has completed the Strategic Leadership Program at Harvard Business School and currently serves as the Chairperson of the governing board of Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN), actively contributing to the discourse on financial inclusion through microfinance.

As a Nominee Director at Fusion Micro Finance Limited, Narendra Ostawal, based in Mumbai, has been associated with Warburg Pincus since 2007. He primarily focuses on Investment Advisory activities in India, with an emphasis on the Financial Services and Healthcare sectors. Currently holding the position of Managing Director at Warburg Pincus India Private Limited, Ostawal brings extensive experience from previous roles at 3i India and McKinsey & Company. He holds a Chartered Accountancy degree from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.


Q3. Who are the Clients of the Fusion Micro Finance?

In the fiscal year 2024, Fusion Micro Finance Limited expanded its presence significantly, operating in 22 states and 453 districts across India. The company's outreach extended through a network of 1297 branches, facilitating access to financial services in diverse regions. With assets under management (AUM) totaling ₹11,476 crore, Fusion Micro Finance demonstrated substantial growth and solidified its position as a key player in the microfinance sector.