Gunavanth Vaid “Guna Ji”: The Investor with a Vision for Growth and Goodness

In the dynamic world of investments, there emerged a figure whose story is not just about financial success but also about resilience, principles, and the belief that doing good can lead to achieving good. Meet Gunavanth Vaid, a prominent Investor, affectionately known as Guna Ji. He is a Marvadi, living in Chennai since 1987.

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Guna Ji's journey into the realm of investments was not a conventional one. Before venturing into the exciting world of investing in startups, he spent almost two decades, from 1997 to 2013, as a practising Chartered Accountant. He had very little exposure to the stock market, as his family thought stock market as “Satta” However, it was the year 2013 that marked a turning point in his life. Faced with numerous challenges and betrayals by some individuals, Guna Ji decided to chart his path towards investing. 

His foray into investing began in 2013 when he became a part-time investor. During this period his father-in-law "chacha sasur," played a pivotal role as his mentor. Guna Ji's initial investment was in a Chennai-based pharmaceutical company that was acquired by a Chinese.

In the intricate landscape of investment, where success is often gauged by external metrics, Gunavanth Vaid has carved a distinctive niche by championing investments in Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). For him, the pursuit of a satisfied investment holds more allure than merely chasing success, as he believes true satisfaction resonates within one's soul, mind, and heart. 

Guna ji says “From day one, I thought to start with small and become big with them.  I therefore chose to begin with microcap and SME”. His basic philosophy is "Do something that nobody wants to do". He says, that in Investing 3Cs are very important: First Conviction To Invest, Second Courage To Hold, and third Compassion To Help (Give back to Society).

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When it comes to investing, Guna Ji places a significant emphasis on the character of the promoter. According to him, choosing the right promoter can turn an investment of 5 into 25, while a wrong choice may never lead to the desired destination. He firmly believes that the success of an investment is intricately tied to the goodness and values upheld by the promoter. 

According to him, a good promoter should not only excel in business but also maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, and employees. He believes “Heart balance is more important than bank balance". he says "Stock rate is not in your hand; it depends on how the company works. The company's performance is in the hands of the promoter. What you can do is to keep the stock until the right time."

Guna Ji's tweets also glimpse his wisdom and perspective on various aspects of life and investing. He also emphasises the importance of enjoying the journey and the need for a positive mindset to achieve extraordinary results. His tweets also touch upon the significance of values, the role of good promoters, and the evolution of an investor's mindset. His approach to choosing when to sell stocks is guided by three key pointers: achieving the intended purpose, the loss of intent behind the initial investment, or the need for funds. 

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He says before committing funds, thorough research is imperative to mitigate potential losses. He cautions that treating investment casually can result in financial setbacks. Furthermore, he recommends seeking assistance from experts who know the market, if one is occupied with a job or other commitments.

He emphasizes that an investor's growth unfolds when the questions they ask shift from "What to buy" to "Why to buy," transitioning from mere acquisition to a deeper understanding of the rationale behind investments. Guna Ji urges investors to move beyond the conventional concern of predicting market trends and timing its rise and fall.

Instead, he encourages a shift towards a more introspective approach, asking not only about the current state of the market but, more importantly, about the dynamics within their portfolios. Additionally, he advocates a departure from seeking mere tips and advice, encouraging investors to delve into the narratives and stories behind potential investments.

In a meeting with Sovrenn, Guna Ji shared insights into his investment strategy. He highlighted the importance of setting high goals and thinking big to achieve substantial returns. According to him, having a positive mindset and aiming for significant achievements can lead to extraordinary results.

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Guna Ji follows a framework he calls "PUNYA": P for Promoter’s vision, U for under-research company, N for Nascent Stage/New Business, Y for Young in market cap, and A for affordable in valuations. This punya framework guides his investment decisions, emphasizing the importance of supporting under-researched and microcap companies for the overall development of the nation. 

He states to Invest in businesses where customers boast about the goods rather than those who make a concerted effort to promote them. He also talks about the country's growth in his tweets. He thinks that India will be the next China over the next 10 years, a repeat of what happened in China since early 2000.

He also cautions against the pitfalls of having too much knowledge, citing analysis paralysis as a potential hurdle for investors. Guna Ji encourages fearless and researched investing and believes that sometimes, less analysis can lead to more confidence in making investment decisions.

Guna Ji says if you continuously make money, you start believing you are a god. He suggests that choosing the wrong stock also serves as a powerful mechanism to subdue one's ego, fostering humility and resilience. In his view, one's capacity to discern the good is intimately tied to the lessons learned from navigating the bad, ultimately fostering a more grounded and balanced perspective.

Guna Ji's journey from a Chartered Accountant to a respected Angel Investor reflects not only his financial acumen but also his commitment to ethical investing and contributing to the growth of small businesses. With a focus on goodness, high goals, and a strong support system, Guna Ji stands as a beacon in the investment landscape, inspiring others to invest not just in financial gains but in the betterment of society as a whole. Guna Ji's story is a testament to the belief that with the right principles, even the most challenging setbacks can pave the way for remarkable success in the world.

Gunavanth vaid portfolio

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