HAL Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Company Description: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is a global manufacturer and service provider for aircraft, helicopters, and related equipment. They specialize in manufacturing and overhauling a variety of aerospace products including aircraft, helicopters, communication/navigation systems, aero engines, and satellite launch vehicles. Additionally, they offer services such as repairs, servicing, training, and technical support for both military and civilian customers.

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Q1.What are the Products & Services of HAL?

Indigenous products

HAL Tejas

Over the years, HAL has designed and developed several platforms like the HF-24 Marut,[39] the Dhruv,[40] the LUH,[41] and the LCH.[42] HAL also manufactures indigenous products with technology transferred from the DRDO, in association with Bharat Electronics for its avionics and Indian Ordnance Factories for the on-board weapons systems and ammunition.

HAL supplies ISRO, the integrated L-40 stages for GSLV Mk II, propellant tanks, feed lines of PSLV, GSLV MKII and GSLV MKIII launch vehicles and structures of various satellites.

Agricultural aircraft

HA-31 Basant (1972-1980)(out of production)

Fighter aircraft

HF-24 Marut

HAL HF-24 Marut — (retired) Mk.1 and Mk.1T (200+ built)
MBB/HAL HF-73 — (cancelled)
HAL Tejas — (in service) 4.5 generation light combat aircraft (LCA)
HAL Tejas MK2[44] — 4.5+ generation Medium weight fighter (under development) 2025 first flight expected.
HAL TEDBF — Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter is 4.5+ generation fighter for Indian Navy's aircraft carriers (under development). HAL ORCA version for IAF planned.
Sukhoi/HAL FGFA — (cancelled) 5th generation fighter based on Sukhoi SU-57

Mk.1: 5th generation stealth fighter (under development)
Mk.2: 5.5th generation stealth fighter ( it will operate in CATS {combat air teaming system}, a UCAV in the swarm will be equipped with a direct energy weapon) (planned).

Trainer aircraft

HAL HTT-40 Basic training aircraft

Hindustan HJT-36 Sitara Intermediate jet trainer

HT-2 — (1951-1990) First company design to enter production. Exported to Ghana. (retired)
HAL-26 Pushpak — (1958 to ~1960s)Basic trainer, based on Aeronca Chief. (out of production)
HJT-16 Kiran — (1964-1989) (in service) Mk1, Mk1A and Mk2 - Turbojet trainers scheduled to be replaced with HJT-36 Sitara
HPT-32 Deepak —(1984-2009) (retired) Basic trainer that was in service for more than three decades.
HTT-34 — (retired) Turboprop version of HPT-32 Deepak
HTT-35 (cancelled) — Proposed replacement for HPT-32 basic trainer in the early 1990s; not pursued
HJT-36 Sitara — Intermediate jet trainer (under -development)
HJT 39 / CAT — Advanced jet trainer, developed into HLFT-42 (cancelled)
HTT-40 — Basic trainer (in production)first prototype flew its first flight on 31 May 2016.
HLFT-42— Proposed lead-in fighter trainer.

Passenger, transport and utility aircraft

Saras, under joint development with National Aerospace Laboratories

Saras — of 14-19 seater capacity multi-purpose civilian light transport aircraft jointly developed with NAL.
Indian Regional Jet (IRJ) — (under development) of 70-100 seater capacity regional airliner to be jointly developed with NAL.


HAL Dhruv of Indian Coast Guard

HAL Prachand of No. 143 Helicopter Unit, IAF.

Dhruv — (in production) Advanced light helicopter
Rudra — (in production) Armed and reconnaissance version of Dhruv
Prachand — (in production) Light attack helicopter
Light Utility Helicopter — (in limited series production) Light utility helicopter
Indian Multi-role Helicopter — (under development) medium multi-role helicopter. Naval version also planned

Observation and reconnaissance aircraft

HAOP-27 Krishak (1959 to ~1975) (retired)— Based on HAL-26 Pushpak

Unmanned aerial vehicles

PTA Lakshya - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
PTA Lakshya 2 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TARGET DRONE)
DRDO Archer-NG
Nishant - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Rustom - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
TAPAS-BH-201 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MALE)
HAL Combat Air Teaming System (CATS)

CATS Mothership for Air teaming Exploitation (MAX) - based on Tejas Mark 1A or SPECAT Jaguar
CATS Warrior
CATS Air Launched Flexible Assets (ALFA) - Unmanned carrier and launcher of weaponized swarm drone ALPHA-S.
CATS Hunter - Modular multi-purpose weapon carrying system
CATS Infinity - High altitude solar powered atmospheric satellite


G-1 — HAL's first original design, dating from 1941. Only one was built.
RG-1 Rohini
Ardhra — training glider


GTX-35VS Kaveri prototype testing

Cryogenic Rocket Engine

CE-20 cryogenic rocket engine. It is the most powerful upper-stage Cryogenic engine operational today.

CE-7.5 — cryogenic rocket engine (in production, used on GSLV mk.ii Cryogenic upper stage CUS15)
CE-20 — cryogenic rocket engine (in production, used on C25 upperstage of LVM-3)

Turboshaft Engine

Shakti — a turboshaft engine for HAL Dhruv Helicopter, co-developed with Safran Helicopter Engines based on Safran Ardiden 1 ( in production and used on LUH, Dhruv, Rudra , Prachand )
HTSE-1200 — a turboshaft engine can be used as engine alternatives for the HAL-developed LUH, Dhruv, Rudra and Prachand helicopters[55] (under development)

Turbojet Engine

HAL HJE-2500 Engine at HAL Museum. Built in 1965, it was the first turbojet engine built by HAL

Hindustan Jet Engine (HJE-2500) (retired)
PTAE-7 — (in service) For indigenously designed Lakshya PTA

Turbofan Engine

GTX-35VS Kaveri — a turbofan engine can be used in HAL-developed Tejas and AMCA, co-developed with GTRE of (DRDO) and Safran Aircraft Engines (under development)
HTFE-25 — a turbofan engine can be used in single-engine trainer jets, business jets and UAVs weighing up to 5 tonnes and in twin-engine configuration for same weighing up to 9 tonnes[57] (under development)

Licensed production

Fighter aircraft

HAL made Su-30MKI

HAL made Jaguar

De Havilland Vampire — (retired) first combat jet manufactured by HAL, 250+ FB.52, 60 T.55 models[58]
Folland Gnat — (retired) Over 175 manufactured by HAL.

HAL Ajeet —(retired) improved version of the Folland Gnat , 89 manufactured by HAL
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 —(Out of production) FL, M, Bis and UPG upgrades variants 660 manufactured by HAL
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27 —(retired) A total of 150 ML variant were manufactured by HAL
SEPECAT Jaguar — (Out of production) IS, IB and IM variants (89 IS, 27 IB and 12 IM variants built)
Sukhoi Su-30MKI — (In Service) a derivative of the Sukhoi Su-30 (272 delivered, 12 on order)

Trainer aircraft

Harlow PC-5 — first aircraft assembled by HAL
Percival Prentice — 66 built by HAL
BAE Hawk Mk 132 — The type and its engines are produced under license, proposed to be developed into Hawk-i fighter - trainer aircraft.

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Passenger, transport and utility aircraft

HS 748 Avro — modified for military usage, includes Series 2M variant with large freight door
Dornier 228 — 117 built + fuselage, wings and tail unit for production of the upgraded Dornier 228 NG variant. Sometimes referred to as HAL 228.


Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama — HAL Cheetah, Lancer, Cheetal Variants
Aerospatiale SA 316B Alouette III — HAL Chetak, Chetan Variants


Turbofan Engines

Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 811 — Engine for SEPECAT Jaguar, produced under licence
Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 871 — Engine for BAE Hawk Mk 132, produced under licence
Garrett TPE331-5 — Engine for Dornier 228, produced under licence
Saturn AL-31FP — Engine for Sukhoi Su-30MKI, produced under licence
Klimov RD-33MK — Engine for Mikoyan MiG-29, produced under licence
F414-GE-INS6 — Engine for HAL Tejas Mk2, produced under licence. And planned to produce for HAL AMCA in future

Turboshaft Engine

Turbomeca TM 333 — Engine for HAL Dhruv Helicopter, produced under licence


1.Aircraft MRO


3.Power Plant Services

4.Systems, Accessories and Avionics

Q2.Who are the Promoters of the company?

HAL is managed by a board of directors appointed by the President of India through the Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

Q3.Who all are the Clients of the Company?

Major Domestic Customers

Indian Air ForceBorder Security Force
Indian ArmyOil & Natural Gas Cooperation of India
Indian NavyGovt. of Jharkhand
Indian Coast GuardGAIL
Indian Space Research OrganisationBHEL
Defence Research & Development Organisation 
Bharat Dynamics Ltd 
Mazagon Dock Ltd 
Cochin Shipyard Ltd 

Major International Customers

Airbus Industries, France 
Boeing, USA 
ELTA, Israel 
GE Aviation, USA 
Raytheon Technologies (Hamilton Sundstrand), USA 
Honeywell International, USA 
Israel Aircraft Industries, Israel 
Mauritius Police Force, Mauritius 
Mauritius Coast Guard, Mauritius 
Namibian Air Force, Namibia 
Nepal Army, Nepal 
Rolls Royce Plc, UK 
Royal Malaysian Air Force, Malaysia 
Rosoboronexport, Russia 
Suriname Air Force 
Safran, France 

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