Hawa Engineers Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Hawa Engineers?

Some of the products and services offered by Hawa Engineers, who are experts in manufacturing precision-engineered components and assemblies for various industries, Include:

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Precision engineering components: They make many precise parts using advanced machining methods like CNC, turning, milling, and grinding.

Aerospace components: Hawa Engineers makes precise aeroplane parts, like engine parts, landing gear, and structures.

Automotive components: They make car parts like engines, transmissions, and suspensions.

Industrial machinery parts: The company provides parts for industrial machines, like hydraulic systems, pumps, valves, and actuators.

Subcontract manufacturing: Hawa Engineers helps companies make precision parts with Original Equipment Manufacturers and other companies to meet their production needs.

Engineering design and development: They provide engineering services to help customers design custom parts and assemblies based on their needs.

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Quality assurance and testing: Hawa Engineers has strong quality assurance processes to ensure all products are high quality and reliable. They test and inspect components carefully to check performance and integrity

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Hawa Engineers?

The promotors of Hawa Engineers include Asad Kagdi, Mahammed Khan Pathan, Anwarahmed Mohammed Javid Daruwala, Sabana Amjad Rehmani, Shital Dalavadi, Abdul Motibhai Desai, Johebhasan Aabidbhai Kureshi and Mohamed Habib Abdulnabi Narmawala

Aslam Kagdi is the chairman and Shital Dalavadi is the company secretary of Hawa Engineers Ltd. Aslam Fazlurrehman Kagdi is the founder of Hawa Engineers Ltd which was founded in 1993. He currently holds the title of Chairman, Joint Managing Director & CFO at the company.

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