Hero MotoCorp Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Hero MotoCorp?

Hero MotoCorp is a prominent Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer which offers a wide range of two-wheeled vehicles designed to cater to various market segments. Here are the key products and services offered: 

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1. Hero Splendor Series:

  • HF Deluxe (100cc)
  • HF 100 (100cc)
  • Splendor+ (100cc)
  • Super Splendor (125cc)

2. Passion Series:

  • Passion+ (100cc)
  • Passion Pro (110cc)

3. Glamour Series:

  • Glamour (125cc)

4. Xtreme Series:

  • Xtreme 125R (125cc)
  • Xtreme 160R (160cc)
  • Xtreme 200S (200cc)

5. Xpulse Series:

  • Xpulse 200 (200cc)

6. Other Models:

  • Karizma XMR (210cc)
  • Maverick (440cc)

7. Scooters:

  • Pleasure+ (110cc)
  • Destini Prime (110cc and 125cc)
  • Xoom (110cc)

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8. Electric Vehicles:

  • Vida V1: A line of electric scooters produced by Hero's subsidiary, VIDA.
  • Surge S32: A unique three-wheeler EV that can convert into a two-wheeler scooter, developed by the startup Surge, funded by Hero MotoCorp.


1. Manufacturing and Operations: Hero MotoCorp operates five manufacturing facilities in India, located in Dharuhera, Gurugram, Neemrana, Haridwar, and Halol, with another facility under construction in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. These plants have a combined production capacity of over 7.6 million two-wheelers annually. The company also has international manufacturing units in Colombia, Germany, and Bangladesh, and exports its products across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

2. Industrial Projects: Construction of industrial facilities and infrastructure to support various manufacturing and industrial activities.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Hero MotoCorp?

1. Dr. Pawan Munjal: Dr. Pawan Munjal is the Chairman and CEO of Hero MotoCorp . He has been instrumental in the company's growth and its expansion into global markets. Under his leadership, Hero MotoCorp has maintained its position as a leading two-wheeler manufacturer.

2. Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal: Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal is the Chairman of Hero Enterprise and a former Joint Managing Director of Hero MotoCorp. He has significantly contributed to the company's strategic direction and business development initiatives.

3. Mr. Bharat Munjal: Mr. Bharat Munjal serves as a Director at Hero MotoCorp. He focuses on new business initiatives and strategies, playing a vital role in the company's ongoing innovation and growth.

4. Ms. Shefali Munjal: Ms. Shefali Munjal is a Director at Hero MotoCorp. She is actively involved in the company’s strategy formulation and the exploration of new business ventures, driving the company’s vision forward.

5. Mr. Suman Kant Munjal: Mr. Suman Kant Munjal, also a Director, has been pivotal in transforming the company's operations. His strategic insights and leadership have been crucial in enhancing the company's operational efficiency and market presence.

Question 3: Who are the clients of Hero MotoCorp?

Hero MotoCorp primarily serves a diverse range of individual customers and has extensive market reach. Here are the clientele:

Individual Consumers: Hero MotoCorp primarily caters to individual customers purchasing motorcycles and scooters for personal and commercial use.

Global Presence: The company serves customers in over 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Dealer Network: Hero MotoCorp has an extensive dealer network with over 6,000 dealerships and service points in India and abroad, facilitating widespread access to their products and services.

Customer Loyalty Programs: The company engages its customers through loyalty programs like the Hero GoodLife Program, which helps in retaining and attracting a loyal customer base.

Strategic Partnerships: Hero MotoCorp has strategic partnerships and joint ventures, such as the one with Bangladesh's Nitol-Niloy Group, to expand its manufacturing and market presence.

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