HPL Electric & Power Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of HPL Electric & Power?

HPL Electric & Power Ltd. is a well-known company in India that makes electrical equipment and provides products and services for homes, businesses, and industries.

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Electrical Switchgear: HPL makes different electrical switchgear, such as circuit breakers, switches, distribution boards, and fuse units. These products are essential for controlling and distributing electrical power in buildings, infrastructure, and industrial facilities.

Wires and Cables: The company makes wires and cables for electrical use. Some examples are insulated copper wires, PVC cables, XLPE cables, flexible cables, and specialty cables for specific needs like fire resistance or high temperatures.

Energy Meters: HPL makes different energy meters, including electromechanical electronic meters measuring electricity and monitors to help with accurate billing and energy control.

Lighting Products: HPL sells many lights, such as LED lamps, street lights, and decorative fixtures, that save energy and last a long time for indoor and outdoor use.

Home Automation Solutions: The company sells home automation products such as intelligent switches, dimmers, sensors, and controllers. These products allow users to remotely control and automate lights, appliances, security systems, and other devices in their homes. 

Solar Power Solutions: HPL provides solar power solutions such as solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, and solar lighting systems. These solutions help homes, businesses, and factories use solar energy to make electricity, reducing the need for regular power sources.

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Project Engineering and Consultancy: HPL offers engineering and consulting services for electrical projects. It designs, plans, and installs electrical systems for buildings, plants, and renewable energy projects.

After-sales Support and Services: The company helps customers after they buy products by offering installation help, technical support, maintenance, and repair services to make sure the products work well and customers are happy.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of HPL Electric & Power ?

The promotors of HPL Electric & Power Ltd include Lalit Seth, Rishi Seth, Gautam Seth, Vivek Kumar, Hargovind Sachdev, Rashmi Vij, and Dhruv Goyal. Lalit Seth is the chairman and Vivek Kumar is the company secretary of HPL Electric & Power Ltd.

Lalit Seth has held various director positions in multiple companies, including HPL Electric & Power Ltd., HPL Power Corp., Amerex India Pvt Ltd., Amerex Pvt Ltd., Havells Electronics Pvt Ltd., HPL India Ltd., Havell's Pvt Ltd., Himachal Energy Pvt Ltd., HPL Projects Portfolio Pvt Ltd., Jesons Impex Pvt Ltd., and LK HPL Pvt Ltd. Current, He is the Chairman & Non-Independent Executive at HPL Electric & Power Ltd.

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