HSBC India Services PMI January 2023: Dynamic Business Expansion Amidst Challenges

The HSBC India Services PMI® Business Activity Index highlighted the robust expansion, climbing from 59.0 in December to 61.8 in January. This marked the sharpest rate of growth in six months, indicating sustained momentum attributed to demand strength, productivity gains, and increased new work. A PMI reading of above 50 is a sign of expansion whereas a reading of below 50 is a sign of contraction.

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New Business Momentum

The month witnessed the fastest growth in new business orders in six months, propelled by factors such as advertising, positive demand trends, and successful client acquisitions. Additionally, the export sector experienced a notable boost, with new export sales rising at the quickest pace in three months.

Cost Pressures and Inflation Challenges

Despite the positive momentum, companies faced challenges in the form of rising overall expenses at the outset of 2024. Key contributors to this included increased costs in food, labour, and freight. Notably, while input price inflation reached a 5-month high, selling charges saw a more tempered increase.

Optimism Takes Center Stage

Business confidence reached its pinnacle in the final fiscal quarter, marking the most optimistic outlook since September. This positive sentiment was not only rooted in current demand strength but also in expectations of future investment and productivity gains fostering output growth.

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Balancing Expense and Output Prices

Despite the upward trajectory of overall expenses, companies managed to strike a balance. Output prices reflected the rising costs but rose to the least extent in 11 months. The Consumer Services sector witnessed the most substantial rise in input costs, while the swiftest increase in selling prices occurred in Transport, Information & Communication.

Employment and Growth Dynamics

Job creation remained integral to the expanding business landscape, supported by a continual expansion in outstanding business volumes. While backlogs increased slightly, employment exhibited a slight but notable pace of growth in January, marking the most significant increase in three months.

Inflation Trends and Pricing Dynamics

Amidst substantial cost pressures in the service economy, the aggregate rate of input price inflation quickened to a three-month high. However, prices charged for Indian goods and services rose at the slowest rate in ten months, providing a nuanced perspective on inflation trends.

In conclusion

India's services PMI jumps to highest in 6 months at 61.8 in January portray a thriving business environment marked by dynamic expansion, strategic optimism, and resilient employment trends. The challenges posed by rising costs and inflation are met with a balanced approach, indicating the adaptability and strength of the Indian business landscape.

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