ICE Make Refrigeration Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of ICE Make Refrigeration? 

ICE Make Refrigeration provides cooling and refrigeration solutions for various industries and offers multiple products and services.

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1- Cold Room Solutions

Cold Rooms and Cold Storages: Custom storage solutions are made to keep perishable items fresh and are used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

Solar Cold Rooms: Solar-powered cold storage solutions are efficient and cost-effective for remote areas.

Cold Room Accessories: The cold rooms are improved with PUF panels, doors, evaporator units, and control panels.

Specialized Chambers: Examples include curd incubation chambers, fruit ripening chambers, and hospital mortuary chambers.

2- Industrial Refrigeration

Chilling Plants: This equipment is made for different industrial uses, like cooling water and brine, to help keep temperatures stable in manufacturing.

Ice-building tanks (IBT): We used machines essential for making and storing large amounts of ice needed for industrial processes and preserving food.

Air and Oil Chillers: Special chillers cool air and oil in different industries.

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3- Commercial Refrigeration

Ice Cream Equipment: Ice cream mix plants, hardeners, and candy production machines are essential for the dairy and ice cream industries.

Milk Cooling Solutions: Milk chillers, pasteurizing tanks, and aging vats are made for dairy farms and processing plants.

Freezers and Chillers: Different types of freezers, including deep freezers, chest freezers, and vertical chillers, are available for commercial and retail use.

4- Transport Refrigeration:

Refrigerated Containers: Use mobile refrigerated units and eutectic mobile containers to move perishable items at the right temperature.

Insulated Containers: These are temperature-controlled containers suitable for short trips and transporting goods that need to stay calm but do not require active cooling.

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5- Turnkey Projects: ICE Make Refrigeration provides complete solutions for creating cold storage facilities, including designing, studying feasibility, installing, starting up, and maintaining the facilities.

6- After-Sales Support: The company offer maintenance and support services for refrigeration systems to keep them running well, including regular servicing, repairs, and upgrades.

7- Consultancy Services: Experts can help clients set up and improve dairy plants, food processing units, and industrial refrigeration systems. They can also help with designing, choosing equipment, and following regulations.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of ICE Make Refrigeration?

The promoters of ICE Make Refrigeration include Rajendra P. Patel, Vipul I. Patel and Chandrakant P. Patel.

Mr Chandrakant P. Patel is the Chairman & Managing Director of ICE Make Refrigeration. He is also a Co-founder and Director and has over 32 years of work experience in the refrigeration industry business 

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