Indian Sucrose Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Indian Sucrose Company Description

Indian Sucrose Limited specializes in manufacturing and refining sugar and related products. The company is also involved in power cogeneration.The company has a good product mix based on sugar and is a regional player as well.

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Q1.What are the Products and Service offerings of Indian Sucrose?

  1. Sugar: Indian Sucrose manufactures superior refined sugar, which is utilised in a range of food and beverage sectors.
  2. Molasses: A byproduct of sugar manufacturing, molasses has industrial uses as well as in animal feed.
  3. Bagasse: A fibrous leftover left over from refining sugarcane, bagasse is used to make paper products and as a biofuel.
  4. Power: Indian Sucrose uses the byproducts from the sugar manufacturing process to cogenerate power.

Q2.Who are the Promoters of Indian Sucrose?

Kunal Yadav

Managing Director – Executive Director 

Mr. Kunal Yadav is a Managing Director cum Chairman & Executive Director on board of the company. He had more than 14 years of rich industrial experience and managerial experience. He joined the company as Director on 5th of February, 2008. 

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He was one of the Promoter, Industrialist and Managing Director and main contributor to the growth and development of the Company, having a net worth of more than 18,170.19 Lakhs with a turnover of 45,176.97 Lakhs (financial year 2022-23). He was also equally excellent in ensuring growth by improving productivity, cost control, large size operations & consistently improving quality and his services were indispensable. 

He had been actively involved in business strategy, business development and research and development functions in the Company. Mr. Kunal Yadav having the degree of M.B.A. from the university of Greenwich, London, U.K.

Mrs Geeta Sharma

 Non-Executive – Non-Independent Director 

Ms. Geeta Sharma is the Non- Executive non Independent Director on the Board of the Company. She is post graduate from Agra university. She has experience of 32 years in corporate planning and management strategy.

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Q3.Who are the Clients of Indian Sucrose?

  • General Trade (GT): Indian Sucrose Limited (ISL) provides sugar and other products like rock salt, desi khand, gur, shakkar, and sugar sachets under its brand Yadu Sugar to retailers and wholesalers in the general trade market.
  • Modern Trade (MT): ISL serves the modern trade market, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, and other organized retail chains.
  • Horeca: ISL supplies its products to the hotel, restaurant, and catering (Horeca) sector.
  • Other Clients: ISL also likely caters to industrial users, government agencies, and export markets, though specific details are not available.

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