Indus Towers Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Indus Towers?

Here are the key products and services offered by Indus Towers:

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Tower Infrastructure: Indus Towers has many telecom towers in India which help install antennas and other equipment for wireless communication services.

Tower Leasing: Indus Towers rents space on its towers to telecom companies. It helps telecom companies grow their network without needing to build their towers.

Site Colocation Services: Indus Towers lets different telecom companies share the same tower, saving money and making better use of resources.

Tower Maintenance and Management: Indus Towers maintains and manages its tower infrastructure by regularly inspecting, maintaining, and repairing them to keep them strong and reliable.

Energy Management Solutions: They make sure their telecom towers have power all the time by using energy management solutions. They install backup power systems like generators, batteries, and solar panels.

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Environmental and Regulatory Compliance: Indus Towers follows the rules for where they put their towers and how they affect the environment. They make sure to follow regulations about tower placement, emissions, and reducing environmental impact.

Innovative Solutions: The company always looks for new ways to make its towers work better and last longer. It means using new energy-saving technology, improving tower design, and making tower management digital.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Indus Towers ?

The promotors of Indus Towers Ltd are Narayanan Kumar, Gopal Vittal, Harjeet Singh Kohli, Pankaj Tewari, Rajan Bharti Mittal,  Thomas Reisten, Prachur Sah, Anita Kapur, Randeep Singh Sekhon, Sunil Sood, Ramesh Abhishek, Ravinder Takkar, Sonu Bhasin and Sharad Bhansali.

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