Intellect Design Arena Ltd Company Profile: Products,Promoters and Clients

Intellect Design Arena Ltd

This company is the world’s largest cloud-native, future-ready, multi-product  Enterprise FinTech Company for leading organisations - banks, insurance, wealth, credit unions, capital markets and corporates. Intellect offers a full spectrum of banking and insurance technology products through four lines of business: Global Consumer Banking, Global Transaction Banking, IntellectAI and Digital Technology for Commerce.

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Q1.What are the Product and Service offerings of the Company ? It is a groundbreaking and transformative technology platform designed using First Principles Thinking to significantly simplify technology in the banking and insurance sectors. Zip coded 329 Microservices, 535 events and over 1757 APIs is the most comprehensive Open Finance Vault for designing customer desirability-based solutions vs traditional product pivoted solutions. 

This intelligent open finance platform keeps a bank’s customer in focus, be it Retail, HNI, SME, or Corporate, the events in their financial journey, or events created by bank operations or events generated by regulators and compliance.

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2.iTurmeric : A trailblazing coding with composing and configuring platform specifically tailored for the BFSI sector.iTurmeric offers advanced features tailored for the BFSI sector, surpassing typical low-code platforms. It includes dynamic flow design and hosting for efficient process management, a user-friendly studio for accessible business flow design, and robust service mediation for compatibility with various message formats.

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 The platform also boasts an orchestration engine for streamlined workflows, comprehensive messaging services, core foundation components like queue and job management, and extensive API and transport protocol support. Built-in security ensures data integrity across all services.

3.Purple Fabric: an Enterprise AI Platform Designed for Subject Matter Experts to Securely Build, Deploy, and Manage AI Agents at Scale.IntellectAI’s Purple Fabric leverages cutting-edge Generative AI to enable Enterprise-Connected Intelligence. The platform integrates five rich knowledge banks—Structured Data, Document Knowledge, Operations Knowledge, Regulatory Knowledge, and Market Knowledge—with AI Expert Agents. 

The platform utilises IntellectAI's proprietary technologies to ingest data, ensure its quality, and replicate a consultative decision-making process between experts to eliminate individual bias. This is done alongside customer-chosen generative AI models within a secure enterprise IT ecosystem.

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Q2.Who are the Promoters of the Company?

Arun Jain, Founder of Polaris Group, Chairman & Managing Director of Intellect Design Arena Ltd

Arun Jain, founder of Intellect Design Arena, envisions delivering world-class IT products and technologies from India to the global financial sector. With over three decades of experience as co-founder of Nucleus Software and founder of Polaris Software, he has blended domain expertise with superior technology. I

ntellect serves the banking, insurance, wealth, capital markets, procurement, and retail sectors, offering enterprise-grade products in 57 countries. A Design Thinking advocate, Arun launched the suite, empowering banks with innovative open-finance platforms. Additionally, he founded socially impactful entities like the School of Design Thinking, Mission Samriddhi, and Ullas Trust. 

Arun actively participates in government forums and startup ecosystems to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in FinTech and has authored three books on Design Thinking and mindset. He has received several prestigious awards, including the Dronacharya Award and CII's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Manish Maakan, Chief Executive Officer, Global Transaction Banking.

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Manish Maakan, CEO of iGTB, leads the global transaction banking division of Intellect Design Arena Limited from its London headquarters since its inception in May 2013. With a passion for contextual banking, he has spearheaded award-winning products and high-performing innovation teams. Under his leadership, iGTB has become the preferred partner for Digital Transaction Banking transformation programs globally, trusted by 88 of the best global Corporate Banks across 55 countries and consistently rated #1 in various categories by analysts. 

Manish's career spans nearly three decades, during which he has held key leadership roles, including CIO at GE Money and management consultant at E&Y. Inspired by the mantras of Jack Welch and Michael Jordan, he embodies the spirit of aiming for the top and daring to dream big. His design-thinking approach to innovation, growth, and complexity reduction has earned him numerous prestigious awards throughout his career.

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Q3.Who are the Major Clients of the Company ?

Intellect has over 300 customers spanning 57 countries including the major global financial hubs around the world. Within the banking and financial services industry we have a varied customer base that almost spans the entire financial ecosystem: from banks catering to Retail or Corporate customers, Central Banks, Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Card Issuers, Capital Market participants such as Brokers, Custodians, Asset Managers, Insurance Carriers, Government Enterprises, Corporates and Retail Chains. 

We partner with them in their transformation agenda and help them modernise their technology, drive customer centricity, support their growth aspirations, deliver eciencies and enhance their profitability. Our Technology powers 6 of Top 10 North American Banks, 9 of Top 10 European Banks, 10 of Top 15 Middle Eastern Banks, 13 of Top 15 Indian Banks and 7 of Top 10 South East Asia and ANZ Banks. In India we have been an integral part of the Digital India initiative of the Government of India and we partner with RBI, NABARD, LIC, AMFI and leading PSU and Private Banks.

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