JK Paper Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of JK Paper?

Established in 1960 as part of the legacy JK Group, JK Paper is India's largest producer of branded papers, specializing in Coated Papers and High-end Packaging Boards, with three major factories in Gujarat, Odisha, and Telangana, and a strong international presence in 62 countries, while being part of the larger conglomerate run by the Singhania Family. Here are the products offered by JK Paper:

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  1. Office and Copier Paper (Uncoated Paper): Used in printers, fax machines, and photocopiers and is the most produced segment with the highest volume among all other segments.
  2. Packaging Boards: Primarily used in FMCG, food & beverage, e-commerce delivery boxes, pharmaceutical, and textile sectors.
  3. Coated Papers: K Paper, one of only two Indian companies producing coated papers. IT is utilized in magazines, books, brochures, posters, and wedding cards.

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  1. Maplitho and Specialty Papers: Used in MICR cheque paper, parchment, ledger, and bond varieties.

The Company has major Production Facilities:

1. JK Paper Mills (JKPM) - Rayagada, Odisha:

  • Capacity: 2,95,000 tons per annum.
  • Products: Predominantly both coated and uncoated paper.

2. Central Pulp Mills (CPM) - Songadh, Gujarat:

  • Capacity: 1,60,000 tons per annum.
  • Specialization: Manufacturing of paper and packaging boards.

3. Sirpur Paper Mills (SPM) - Kagaznagar, Telangana:

  • Capacity: 1,36,000 tons per annum.
  • Products: Known for quality colored and coated paper production.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of JK Paper?

1. Mr. Bharat Hari Singhania - Chairman:

With decades of experience in the industry, Mr. Singhania has been pivotal in steering the company towards growth and innovation. His leadership has significantly contributed to the company's robust performance.

2. Mr. A.S. Mehta - President & Director:

Mr. Mehta oversees the company's overall operations and strategic initiatives. His extensive experience in the paper industry ensures JK Paper remains at the forefront of market developments.

3. Mr. S.K. Jain - Chief Finance Officer:

Mr. Jain manages the financial planning and risk management of the company. His expertise in finance is critical for maintaining the company’s fiscal health and stability.

4. Mr. Rajiv Choudhary - Vice President (Marketing):

Mr. Choudhary leads the marketing strategies, driving the company's market penetration and customer engagement efforts.

5. Mr. V.S. Verma - Vice President (Works):

Mr. Verma is responsible for the production and operational efficiency of the manufacturing units, ensuring quality and productivity.

6. Mr. Manoj Kumar - Company Secretary:

As the company secretary, Mr. Kumar ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and maintains corporate governance standards.

Question 3: Who are the clients of JK Paper?

JK Paper serves a variety of clients across different sectors due to its diverse range of paper products. Here are some of its key client sectors and notable clients:

1. Publishing and Printing: Major publishers and printers use JK Paper’s coated and uncoated papers for books, magazines, and other printed materials.

2. Corporate and Office Supplies: Corporations and offices widely use JK Paper’s copier and printing paper for everyday document needs.

3. Packaging: The FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector, food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, and e-commerce platforms use JK Paper’s packaging boards and other packaging solutions.

4. Educational Institutions: Schools and universities use JK Paper’s products for textbooks, notebooks, and other educational materials.

5. Export Market: JK Paper exports to various international clients, particularly in regions like the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


Written by - Vedant Bohat


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