John Cockerill Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of John Cockerill ?

Here's an overview of John Cockerill products and services across various industries:

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Steel Industry Solutions: John Cockerill delivers equipment, technology, and services for the steel industry. It includes blast furnaces, steelmaking converters, rolling mills, and automation systems.

Defence Systems: The company makes defence systems like artillery, armoured vehicles, naval guns, and military engineering solutions.

Energy Solutions: John Cockerill provides energy solutions like power equipment, waste-to-energy plants, renewable energy systems, and energy storage solutions.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment: The company makes machines for industries like mining, cement, chemicals, and automotive manufacturing.

Railway Equipment: John Cockerill makes train parts like locomotives, cars, brakes, and signals.

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Digital Solutions and Services: The company helps businesses improve their operations by offering digital solutions and services.

Engineering and Consulting Services: John Cockerill helps customers with engineering and consulting services for projects, studies, technical help, and maintenance.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of John Cockerill ?

The promotors of John Cockerill India Ltd are Yves Honhon, N Sundararajan, Roma Balwani, Praveen P Kadle, Sebastien Roussel, Haresh Vala, Nandkumar Dhekne and Michael Kotas. 

Sebastien Roussel is the chairman and Haresh Vala is the company secretary of John Cockerill India Ltd. He has masters degree in business engineering, logistics, materials and supply chain in 2002.

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