Kaycee Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Kaycee Industries?

Kaycee Industries offers a variety of products and services that mainly deal with electrical and electronic components. Here is a closer look at what they offer:

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1- Switches

  • Rotary Switches: Used to choose circuits in different applications, often seen in industrial equipment and control panels.
  • Cam-operated Rotary Switches: These devices ensure accurate operation and are made for specific switching needs in machine tools and industrial settings.
  • Micro Switches: Tiny switches are used in precise instruments and control systems.
  • Toggle Switches: These are commonly used in industries and by consumers to control electrical devices.

2- Counters

  • Mechanical Counters: Used to count operations in different industries.
  • Electronic Counters: Digital counters are used in automation and control systems for precise counting.
  • Preset Counters: These counters let users choose a specific number for tasks such as batching and production control.

3- Timers

  • Electromechanical Timers: Traditional timers are used in industries for timing operations.
  • Electronic Timers: Digital timers accurately control timing functions for automation and control tasks.

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4- Fuse Fittings and Fuse Units

  • Fuse Bases and Carriers: Fuses are essential parts of electrical circuits that keep them safe and reliable.
  • HRC Fuse Links: HRC fuses protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits.

5- Selector Switches

  • Load Break Switches: Electrical switches are used to isolate and control loads in circuits for safety during maintenance.
  • Changeover Switches: These switches can switch between power sources often used in backup power systems.

6- Limit Switches

They detect objects and control machinery movement.

7- Relays

Electromechanical relays control powerful devices with weak automation and control systems signals.

8- Solenoids

Electromechanical devices control valves, switches, and other mechanical systems.

9- Terminals

  • Terminal Blocks: Wires are connected and secured in electrical circuits to ensure reliable connections to control panels and distribution boards.

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10- Control Devices

Control panels and industrial automation use different control devices like push buttons and indicating lamps.

11- Customization and Special Solutions

  • Customized Switches and Controls: Kaycee Industries creates custom solutions to meet customers' needs in various industries.
  • Unique Application Products: Creating products for specific and difficult situations.

12-Maintenance and Support Services 

  • After-Sales Support: They offer maintenance and support services for their products to ensure they work well for a long time.
  • Technical Assistance: The company provides technical assistance and consulting services to help customers choose and use the best products.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Kaycee Industries?

The promoter of Kaycee Industries is Salzer Electronics Limited. Mr. N Rangachary. He is the Chairman of the Company and is also chairman of Salzer Electronics Limited. N. Rangachary holds a National Diploma in Commerce from All India Institute of Technical Education, New Delhi.

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