Kundan Edifice Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Kundan Edifice?

Kundan Edifice Ltd. makes and sells different types of bendy LED strip lights.

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1- LED Strip Lights

  • LED Type 2835: Available in various configurations like Metre 60, Metre 120, Metre 180, and Metre 240.
  • LED Type 3014: Available in configurations like Metre 120, Metre 168, and Metre 204.
  • LED Type 5050: Available in Metre 30 and Metre 60 variants.
  • Premium Products: Including 2835 CCT, 5050 RGBW, and 5050 RGBWW.
  • Additional Accessories: Accessories are available for Kundan Edifice LED products.

2- Services

  • Technical Information Clarification: Providing detailed technical support and information.
  • Drawing Design: Kundan Edifice designs custom lighting solutions.
  • Sample Confirmation: Sending samples to clients for approval before starting mass production.
  • Production Trials: Conducting trial runs to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Production: Full-scale manufacturing services.
  • Branding and Packing: Personalized branding and packaging options.
  • Logistic Arrangements: Organizing product delivery efficiently.

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Question 2: Who are the promoters of Kundan Edifice?

The promoters of Kundan Edifice are Divyansh Gupta, Mukesh Gupta and Vijaya Mukesh Gupta. 

The chairman of the company is Divyansh Gupta. He pursued a Bachelor of Commerce at Mithibai College. He also holds an MBA degree from SPJIMR SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

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