Lokesh Machines Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Lokesh Machines?

Here's an overview of the products and services of Lokesh Machines tailored to the machining and manufacturing industry:

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CNC Turning Machines: Lokesh Machines makes CNC turning machines. These machines shape cylindrical parts by spinning the material and cutting it precisely. CNC tech ensures accurate and top-notch results.

CNC Milling Machines: The company makes CNC milling machines. These machines remove material from a workpiece to create complex shapes. They can drill, tap, and contour with high precision and efficiency.

CNC Grinding Machines: Lokesh Machines makes CNC grinding machines for precise grinding to smooth surfaces on different materials. These machines are used in automotive, aerospace, and tool manufacturing to grind various Purposes. 

Machines (SPMs): Lokesh Machines makes special machines to meet customers' needs. These machines do unique tasks efficiently for different industries.

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Retrofitting, Reconditioning, and Rebuilding Services: They upgrade old machine tools with modern CNC controls to make them work better. They also restore and improve worn-out machines to make them accurate, reliable, and productive again.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Lokesh Machines?

The promotors of Lokesh Machines Ltd include Mullapudi Lokeswara Rao, K Krishna Swamy, B Kishore, M Krishna, M Shrinivas, B  R Mahesh and M Krishna Swamy. Mullapudi Lokeswara Rao is the chairman of the company. G Singh is the company secretary of Lokesh Machines Ltd.

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