Mastek Limited Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Mastek Limited?

Mastek Limited specializes in a range of digital engineering and cloud transformation services, structured across various sectors and technological solutions:

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1. Digital Engineering & Experience: Mastek excels in crafting enhanced digital experiences through innovative engineering techniques, setting new standards in user engagement and interface design.

2. Data, Automation & AI: By harnessing the power of AI, it provides solutions that integrate artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation to enhance business processes.

3. Oracle Cloud: Providing services that leverage Oracle's cloud infrastructure for enterprise needs.

4. Salesforce: Specializing in Salesforce implementations to optimize customer relationship management and enhance business operations.

5. Cloud Enhancement & Managed Services: Delivering cloud solutions that improve performance, scalability, and reliability of cloud infrastructures.

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6. Mastek "iConniX" - Generative AI Portfolio: A suite of solutions employing generative AI technologies for various applications.

Industries served include:

- Public Sector & Government

- Healthcare & Life Sciences

- Retail & Consumer

- Manufacturing & Technology

- Financial Services

- Construction & Engineering

These services help enterprises navigate digital landscapes, modernize their applications, and unlock the potential of data to stay competitive in their respective fields.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Mastek Limited?

The promoters of Mastek Ltd. include Ashank Desai, Girija Ram, Padma Desai, Chinmay Desai, Girija Sudhakar Ram, Ketan Mehta, Sundar Radhakrishnan, Rupa Ketan Mehta, Usha Sundar, Semvitha Sudhakar Ram, Varun Sundar, Shankar Sundar, and Tanay K Mehta, reflecting a diverse group of individuals and family involvement in the company's management and equity.

However, key individuals in leadership positions include Hiral Chandrana, who serves as the Global Chief Executive Officer, and Dinesh Kalani, who is the Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the company. Additionally, Mr. Ashank Desai is noted as the Chairman of Mastek Limited​

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