Meera Industries Company Profile: Products, Promoters and Clients

Question 1: What are the products and services of Meera Industries Limited?

The products and services of Meera Industries an Indian company specializing in manufacturing textile machinery typically include:

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Yarn Twisting Machines: Meera Industries makes twisting machines for the textile industry. These machines twist different yarns like filament, staple, and textured yarns.

Yarn Winding Machines: They make machines that wind yarn onto cones or other packages to keep tension and quality consistent.

Yarn Doubling Machines: Meera Industries sells machines for doubling yarn. This process combines multiple yarn strands to make one thicker yarn.

Yarn Heat Setting Machines: These machines help to twist and stabilize synthetic yarns by heating and cooling them in a controlled way.

Yarn Conditioning Machines: Meera Industries offers machines for conditioning yarns which involves adjusting the moisture level of the yarn to improve its quality.

After-Sales Services: They probably provide maintenance, repair, and technical support for their machines, as well as spare parts and training programs.

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Custom Solutions: Meera Industries can provide custom machinery and solutions to meet their customers' needs.

Question 2: Who are the promoters of Meera Industries ?

The promotors of Meera Industries Limited include Dharmesh V Desai, Bijal D Desai, Mayank Y Desai, Hetal R Mehta, Bhavisha Khakhkhar, Sanjay N Mehta and Rajendrabhai Vanmalibhai Kalyani. Dharmesh V Desai is the chairman and Managing Director of 

 Meera Industries Ltd. He completed his B Tech in  Mechanical from NIT Surat and also has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Dahod. Bhavisha Khakhkhar is the company secretary of the company. 

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